Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas… because I'm THAT far behind...

Yes, it is the middle of February, but I never got Christmas on the blog.  Crazy!  Anyway, Egan had a blast and I thought I'd share just a few of the happenings from December.
One night while daddy was working, Egan took a nice long glow stick bath.  We turn off all the lights and get a couple of clearance halloween glow sticks I have stored away for such occasions. Egan is a huge fan!
IMG 3065
IMG 3073
I then convinced him to let me take a few pictures in front of the Christmas tree with his Christmas jammies.  He agreed only because of his drumsticks.  Fine by me!
IMG 3120
IMG 3139
We also had a few fun Playgroup activities… the first was a trip to the Northpark trains.  Like last year, Egan was fascinated.
IMG 3037
IMG 3042
In fact, I think all the kids were fascinated!
IMG 3054
A quick pic before we went for lunch.  We've added several new siblings since this pic!  Egan is the next to be a big brother!
IMG 3057
We also had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party where everyone wore their jammies.  Here is the original jammie christmas party two years ago!
IMG 3162
IMG 3151
Marshall and Egan in their matching jammies. I asked them to sit together for a picture.  This is what they did.
IMG 3179

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