Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big boy bed!

We've been talking to Egan for a while about moving to a big boy bed.  He wanted nothing to do with this idea.  I wanted his bed for little sister who will be arriving soon, but since he was so strongly attached to his crib, I was hesitant to take it away and give it to his sister.  Eventually, he changed his tune and we went to look at cool big boy beds.  He's now been in his big boy bed for over a month and has done GREAT.  He still does his typical rolling around and other fun things before going to sleep, but he stays in his bed until we come get him.  (It helps that we have a video monitor and can use the intercom to talk to him… ahem.)
His mattress is sitting on the floor since we didn't have an actual "bed" picked out before we made the move.  Egan is an especially lucky kid because Blake is making (yes! making from scratch!) his bed.  It is looking FANTASTIC, but isn't quite done yet.  I can't wait to see it in the room!
Here's Egan after we got his new bed set up.  He was one excited boy!
IMG 3259  1
Those sheets may go down in history as most wrinkled sheets ever.  I guess that's life though!  It could also have something to do with me purchasing "organic sheets".
IMG 3264  1
Here he is finally ready to go to sleep.  I'm so proud of my BIG BOY!
IMG 3269  1

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