Monday, February 27, 2012

even bigger

I last wrote about Egan sleeping in his big boy bed, but hadn't quite gotten his mattress in an actual bed yet.  Well, Blake's been working really hard to change that.  It started with the love of an expensive daybed from one of my favorite stores and became even better than the inspiration piece with lots of love and hard work from Daddy.  He started with a 2"x14" and cut it down into long pieces…(lots more than shown here.)

(All construction pictures thanks to the ever present iPhone.  Truly, what would we do without it?)

IMG 0894 Cut then down even more...

IMG 0896

Eventually assembled this...

IMG 0899

Got the overall frame assembled and primed...

IMG 0923

… and painted!

IMG 0924

Then, just tonight, with the help of a neighbor, we got it all in his room to complete the assembly!  (This happened just before bed, so the wood shavings on the floor and sock…. oops! Those will get cleaned in the morning.)

IMG 3350

Egan couldn't be more thrilled!

IMG 3356

And rightfully so.  I think it is just perfect.

IMG 3357

Plans found here.  Cute kid and talented husband not included.



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big boy bed!

We've been talking to Egan for a while about moving to a big boy bed.  He wanted nothing to do with this idea.  I wanted his bed for little sister who will be arriving soon, but since he was so strongly attached to his crib, I was hesitant to take it away and give it to his sister.  Eventually, he changed his tune and we went to look at cool big boy beds.  He's now been in his big boy bed for over a month and has done GREAT.  He still does his typical rolling around and other fun things before going to sleep, but he stays in his bed until we come get him.  (It helps that we have a video monitor and can use the intercom to talk to him… ahem.)
His mattress is sitting on the floor since we didn't have an actual "bed" picked out before we made the move.  Egan is an especially lucky kid because Blake is making (yes! making from scratch!) his bed.  It is looking FANTASTIC, but isn't quite done yet.  I can't wait to see it in the room!
Here's Egan after we got his new bed set up.  He was one excited boy!
IMG 3259  1
Those sheets may go down in history as most wrinkled sheets ever.  I guess that's life though!  It could also have something to do with me purchasing "organic sheets".
IMG 3264  1
Here he is finally ready to go to sleep.  I'm so proud of my BIG BOY!
IMG 3269  1

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas… because I'm THAT far behind...

Yes, it is the middle of February, but I never got Christmas on the blog.  Crazy!  Anyway, Egan had a blast and I thought I'd share just a few of the happenings from December.
One night while daddy was working, Egan took a nice long glow stick bath.  We turn off all the lights and get a couple of clearance halloween glow sticks I have stored away for such occasions. Egan is a huge fan!
IMG 3065
IMG 3073
I then convinced him to let me take a few pictures in front of the Christmas tree with his Christmas jammies.  He agreed only because of his drumsticks.  Fine by me!
IMG 3120
IMG 3139
We also had a few fun Playgroup activities… the first was a trip to the Northpark trains.  Like last year, Egan was fascinated.
IMG 3037
IMG 3042
In fact, I think all the kids were fascinated!
IMG 3054
A quick pic before we went for lunch.  We've added several new siblings since this pic!  Egan is the next to be a big brother!
IMG 3057
We also had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party where everyone wore their jammies.  Here is the original jammie christmas party two years ago!
IMG 3162
IMG 3151
Marshall and Egan in their matching jammies. I asked them to sit together for a picture.  This is what they did.
IMG 3179

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


One day, I walked by and found this.  This boy is TROUBLE!

IMG 3185