Monday, January 23, 2012

some happenings, as seen by the iPhone.

Well, Here I am… So far behind as usual, but here's a bit of catch up from the eye of my iPhone.

I found a "cakelet" pan at Homegoods that I just couldn't resist getting for Egan (originally from here).  I decided to make a fiber-full "healthy" muffin in them one morning with the help of Egan. My normally not-hungry-for-breakfast boy devoured two of these.  BREAKFAST WIN!

IMG 1405IMG 1408

Ok, so mine were nowhere near as cute as the ones pictured, but I have high aspirations of making some this cute someday.  For now, we will stick to muffins that Egan LOVES.  Even though we didn't decorate them, he was easily able to recognize all the cars.


I also picked up some cookie cutters from Homegoods (also originally from here).  Once again, we weren't patient enough to decorate them, but making them was a cinch!  Egan was even able to help cut come out.IMG 1409

We visited the famed Buc-ee's on our way to Houston.  Basically, it is a convenience store on steroids.  Egan found a pink cowboy hat he thought was pretty awesome.

IMG 1412

To continue with the Car's stuff… Here's Egan playing with a Lightening McQueen he got for Christmas.  You put it on the screen of the iPad and drive it around. Really.  IMG 1402

Oh, and finally, we've been working hard on the nursery!  Baby girl will be here soon!  I'm now 33 weeks so we don't have long to get it done.  Here's the wall color.

IMG 1389

And also a peek at a blanket I made.  There will be a full size quilt like the one we made for Egan, but I don't have a picture of it.  I just made this small one as a carseat blanket.  
IMG 1388

More pictures of the nursery to come soon… along with lots of other fun things. Stay tuned!