Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little boy's dream come true

A little while ago the Playgroup took a little trip to a local fire station so the kids could see the firetrucks up close. They really had a blast.  In fact, Egan is still talking about it!  They got to get inside the truck and look around.

IMG 2148

Egan even got to sit in one of the chairs for a bit.  It took some work to get him out!

IMG 2157

Marshall strutted his stuff through the cab of the truck.

IMG 2158

As did Jack (and Zane in the background).  Jack even came dressed for the occasion.

IMG 2165

After the kids got to check out the inside of the truck, they got to see what all is behind those doors!

IMG 2181

How about a very large saw demonstration for a bunch of two year olds?

IMG 2182

And finally they got to see the "Jaws of Life".  The little boys were impressed.

IMG 2184

Then, all of a sudden, they got a call, so we all had to rush outside so the firemen could leave.  They got the lights and sirens going as the kids watched them pull out.

IMG 2187IMG 2190

As I'm sure you can guess, Egan took this VERY seriously.

IMG 2198

Since our tour ended early, we let the kids run around outside.  It just so happened that the firemen weren't gone all that long, so we got to finish our tour.  (I really think the call was just a way for them to get away from the chaos that follows our crew as we move.  Guess they didn't stay gone long enough!)

Once they got back, we got to tour the inside of the fire station where the boys found the room full of recliners.  I mean, of course they did… right?

IMG 2228

The tour was so much fun and a great way to spend our morning!  Thanks fire men!

IMG 2241IMG 2202

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