Sunday, December 4, 2011

a few thanksgiving tidbits

I've come to realize that taking pictures while chasing a wild-man two year old is quite the challenge, so the few pictures I took at Thanksgiving are a bit disjointed and don't quite tell the story, but that's life! The weather was so nice! Where else do you get to enjoy Thanksgiving outside?!

Egan had fun running down the hill and falling at the end.

IMG 2248

IMG 2245

IMG 2257

He sat with his cousin Greyson. He had fun having another kid around. (This lasted about 10 seconds.)

IMG 2267

Egan chased Maggie. (You might catch a trend with this happening. It is a daily occurrence here.)

IMG 2278

IMG 2280

Eventually Egan got the ball and Maggie was tired.

IMG 2286

There was a flying baby!

IMG 2287

IMG 2289

Egan and Uncle Tyler built a fort...

IMG 2900

…played video games...

IMG 2905

and watched cat videos on you tube. Crazy kid.

IMG 2914

IMG 2920

Don't worry, there was plenty of food and other family gathered for Thanksgiving, but like I said… pictures of those didn't happen!

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