Friday, December 2, 2011

cardboard projects

Who doesn't like some good ole' fashioned cheap fun? We had some toilet paper rolls, a paper towel roll and a cardboard box that Egan has been thoroughly enjoying lately.

We started by making some binoculars decorated with stickers by Egan.

IMG 1120

IMG 1121

He was pretty impressed with his creation.

IMG 1135

And had even more fun actually using them! We also made a "telescope" out of a paper towel roll, but that didn't make it in the pictures.

IMG 1142

While we were waiting for Daddy to get home, we thought we'd have a little fun with a box. It started as a car...

IMG 1154

And then made its way into a house. We eventually drew windows and doors on the outside. Egan decided the "house" made a pretty great hiding place from Maggie. He'd take her toy and run around the lap (through the kitchen, hall, and living room) and then into the box where she would dig into the box to get the toy and pull it (and Egan) out. Trust me, it was a fun game.

IMG 1163

Eventually, daddy got home and took part in the fun himself. Here, Maggie is pulling the toy and Egan across the floor.

IMG 1164

And then here… Egan is pulling Maggie and the toy across the floor.

IMG 1169

It went on and on much longer than I ever expected either the dog or the kid to last.

IMG 1172

Egan in the box with maggie's toy. I'd say it was good ole' fashioned fun.

IMG 1174

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