Thursday, December 15, 2011

From our family


Sawyer christmas card outlines 01

From our family to yours, we wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and want to share a few pictures from our little Christmas card photoshoot!  I'd spent the weeks prior to Thanksgiving (as well as some after) taking pictures for other families, but hadn't quite figured out what I wanted to do for our own cards this year!  Isn't that how it works being a photographer? Thankfully, we planned to take a few pictures after Thanksgiving out by where my parents live.  The weather turned out to be quite dreamy with overcast skies and a bit of haze lingering.  I thought it was perfect for some pictures in a pecan orchard. Egan, in typical two year old fashion, didn't care much for taking pictures, but with the help of some gummy candies, a silly grandad, and a camera wielding nana, we prevailed.

I'll share quite a few of the pictures from our photoshoot mostly for the benefit of our extended family, but feel free to take a look if you'd like!

IMG 2332

IMG 2339

IMG 2347

IMG 2366

Not at all sure what he's doing here, but something was sure funny!

IMG 2377

IMG 2415

IMG 2439

IMG 2506

IMG 2547

IMG 2563

IMG 2569

IMG 2592

IMG 2639

IMG 2641

We took a few final pictures out on the runway.  Yes, an actual airplane runway.  It isn't fully functional yet, but Egan was in little boy heaven being turned loose on one!

IMG 2734

IMG 2825

IMG 2823

IMG 2791  1

IMG 2878

We had a fun morning, but I'm quite glad I typically get to be on the other side of the lens. It is always great though to have the excuse of a Christmas card to take a family picture.

Now, for a few out takes…  I would hate for anyone to think I have the perfect child in photographs.  He may be the most challenging of all the kids I work with!  Here, he's putting antlers on daddy.  Because… why wouldn't you want antlers on your head in a Christmas card picture?

IMG 2572

And here… he was just done. Done smiling, looking at the camera and having fun… done.  Thankfully, we were able to "turn that frown upside down" with some gummy Lightening McQueen candy.  A little sugar goes a long way, and I'm never above bribing to get a good photo… ha!

IMG 2424

IMG 2427

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

where Egan learned to howl…..

Blake had a few vacation days he needed to use, and we wanted to spend some time as a family, so we took a little overnight trip to the GreatWolf Lodge. Blake and I have been before, but Egan had never been to stay overnight. He was so excited.

We got there Monday afternoon and swam for a few hours before having dinner and then got Egan's jammies on him for story time. The were perfectly themed for the lodge too! He loved the carpet in the hotel and as he ran down the hall, he stomped on each kind of animal.

IMG 2924

While we were waiting for the clock tower show, Egan spotted the legos. The boy LOVES legos. (Maybe I should say "boys".)

IMG 2926

The clock tower show was really cute, and Egan had a blast watching it.

IMG 2936

(You'd never know it from his face though.)

IMG 2938

He also enjoyed story time and wasn't scared of this large walking wolf that came to visit at the end.

IMG 2943

Our room was so much fun! It had a "wolf den" theme" which Egan adored. He pointed out all the different animals painted on the walls.

IMG 2952

It even had these cool bunk beds.

IMG 2948

The next morning Egan slept in a bit… (thankfully!) and then we went down to do some more swimming. I brought my camera along for part of this.

IMG 2957

One of his two favorite things at the water park was this water gun. Here he's shooting Daddy.

IMG 2965

His other favorite thing was this blue waterside. He went down it probably 100 times.

IMG 2979

This right here is the face of pure delight!

IMG 3006  1

He even got brave and did "no hands".

IMG 3008

IMG 3019

He also did some really big slides that I was surprised he'd actually do, the wave river (which he called the "crazy river") the wave pool, and this fort which just so happened to have MORE WATER GUNS!

IMG 3027

Overall, Egan had so much fun and didn't want to leave at the end of our stay. He may not be quite old enough for everything just yet, but it won't be long before he's climbing the really big slides and riding the tubes.

IMG 3031

Thanks Aunt Amanda for helping us have such a great time!IMG 3035

Sunday, December 4, 2011

a few thanksgiving tidbits

I've come to realize that taking pictures while chasing a wild-man two year old is quite the challenge, so the few pictures I took at Thanksgiving are a bit disjointed and don't quite tell the story, but that's life! The weather was so nice! Where else do you get to enjoy Thanksgiving outside?!

Egan had fun running down the hill and falling at the end.

IMG 2248

IMG 2245

IMG 2257

He sat with his cousin Greyson. He had fun having another kid around. (This lasted about 10 seconds.)

IMG 2267

Egan chased Maggie. (You might catch a trend with this happening. It is a daily occurrence here.)

IMG 2278

IMG 2280

Eventually Egan got the ball and Maggie was tired.

IMG 2286

There was a flying baby!

IMG 2287

IMG 2289

Egan and Uncle Tyler built a fort...

IMG 2900

…played video games...

IMG 2905

and watched cat videos on you tube. Crazy kid.

IMG 2914

IMG 2920

Don't worry, there was plenty of food and other family gathered for Thanksgiving, but like I said… pictures of those didn't happen!