Monday, October 31, 2011

Could I be more slow?

Better late than never though, right?

A couple weekends ago Egan and I went with my parents to Sea World.  He did fantastically on the drive there and thoroughly enjoyed everything Sea World had to offer.  Even more, he enjoyed "camping" while we were there.  I say that in quotes because it was nothing like the camping we did with friends earlier this year.  This camping involved a camper larger than our NYC apartment.  (Not that being larger than our apartment would be hard, but we weren't exactly roughing it.)  We were even able to watch the World Series.  You know, when the Rangers were actually playing well.  Like I said… rough.

Photo 1

It worked out great though because we were able to go to Sea World in the morning and then go back to the camper so Egan could nap.  (And by "Egan", I really mean all of us.)

Here we are after entering the park.

IMG 9880

IMG 9883

We got to feed the sea lions.

IMG 9904

IMG 9938

IMG 9942

Then, we got to watch my favorite show from when I was a kid.

IMG 9962

Egan watched silently.  I guess he's the "strong silent type".  He's still talking about it, so I guess he enjoyed it!

IMG 9967

IMG 9985

IMG 9992

IMG 9994

We got to ride the mini-ferris wheel.  Egan thought that was AWESOME. (You just can't see it in his face.)

IMG 0020

Then we went to the porpoise show which had way more divers and other human aerobatics than I remember.

IMG 0076

Egan said a the end of the day his favorite of the day was the "white whale".  That's a pretty high compliment too!

IMG 0079

IMG 0035

In the evening, we came back for the Shamu show which, you guessed it, Egan sat silently.

IMG 0088

I promise he was having fun.  I mean, he did sit still through every show we saw.  That is not normal for my very active two year old. I think he was just taking it all in.  He had a lot to say later!

IMG 0095

IMG 0098

IMG 0108

IMG 0111

IMG 0162

Finally, a smile!

IMG 0173

To end our first evening, we saw the Sesame Street show.  Understandably, Egan did not know what to think about this show.

IMG 0183

IMG 0190

Day 2 started with a trip to feed the dolphins!

I'm pretty sure this was Egan's very favorite thing of the entire trip. He even chose a dolphin as his souvenir from our trip.  He tells anyone who will listen that he "fed the dolphins".

IMG 0195

I'm pretty sure he would have jumped right in the water with the dolphins if we would have let him. Fearless.

IMG 0199

IMG 0209

IMG 0218

IMG 0223

IMG 0238


IMG 0293

IMG 0312

IMG 0323

IMG 0334

IMG 0363

Since it was near Halloween, Sea World had this area kids could walk through to get candy.  I'll include these pictures mainly for the entertainment factor.  It was STRANGE. (Egan agreed.)

IMG 0371

I mean, there is nothing in that face that says "this is cool".  He never warmed up to the people in creepy sea animal costumes either.

IMG 0373

(If I'm honest, I only stood there for pictures for the express purpose to share them here.  Creepy.)

IMG 0374

IMG 0376

IMG 0379

They did, however, have these really cute pumpkins!

IMG 0380

We followed up the creepy sea creature walk-through with a second ride on the carousel.

IMG 0394

We had great weather that only warmed up in the afternoon (when we left for a nap) and there were very few people there so we were able to see everything we wanted and ride any rides we wanted to as well.  It was great!  Dad got to ride all the roller coasters.  He was even able to stay on them and ride several times. Unfortunately, I had to sit those out on account of a certain sweet baby girl.  I'm happy to make that small sacrifice though.

IMG 0409

After a day and a half at Sea World, we relaxed a bit and then went to the river walk to eat at our favorite place there.

Photo 2

It was right along the water and Egan even got a mariachi band to sing to him.

Photo 3

Again, the weather was so nice.  So much better than visiting in the middle of summer!!!

Finally, a riverboat ride around to end the night!

Photo 4

Phew!  It was a few days packed full of fun with our little trouper. We had a blast!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Without further due...

We are pleased to introduce you to the new addition to our family....

We are so blessed everything looked just like it should. Egan was pretty much unimpressed with looking at the baby because he had a new airplane toy and the iPad. Blake and I were in awe with the preciousness. We are already in love.
So, in answer to the question I know you are all wanting to know....

Egan has no idea what he is in for. Drama is entering our house. Our sweet new little girl also has a surprise in store for her. She better start out liking all things rough and tumble! Right now our house is consumed in boy! We couldn't be more thrilled.
(this all brought to you from my iPhone. I figured I shouldn't make you all wait any longer!)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall… finally.

I actually thought Fall would never get here this year. It has been so hot for so long. We are still unseasonably warm, but at least we can now play outdoors! We took advantage of Blake's day off last week by visiting the Arboretum. We've done this every year since Egan was born to see the pumpkins. Each year he has more fun, and does a better job of dodging my camera. Here is our trip from the first year… and then two trips from last year here and here.

Egan had a blast this year playing in the pumpkins… and throwing them though we asked him not to… repeatedly.
I got him to sit still for a few seconds at a time by handing him a pumpkin. Otherwise, we chased him.

The pumpkins this year were awesome. Check out the variety and sheer volume!
He broke loose and ran. Thankfully, Blake was along for the trip. He got do to the majority of the chasing.
I thought this squirrel in the midst of the pumpkins was pretty cool.
This was my favorite kind of pumpkin. I think it has so much character!
Like not at all. Can you see that face???
He was fine though when we visited the fountains.
And since we are in Texas, the weather is still plenty warm to play in the water!
It should come as no surprise that he ran some more.
And played in the water some more.

We ended our outing with a picnic lunch on a bench in the shade. It was the perfect way to spend a day with my two favorite boys!