Friday, August 26, 2011

because we've been cooped up.

It's been a week of mostly mommy and Egan while Blake has been working a bit extra.  That means we have been looking for some extra activities to keep us both occupied.  One morning we played at Piper's house, ate snow cones and built tents with Jack, went to see a friend in the hospital, visited daddy, went to Playgroup, again visited daddy with the Howell kids, and made "Moon Sand".  We have kept busy for sure.

What is "Moon Sand" you ask?

IMG 8723

Well, I learned about it here, and thought we should give it a try.

We were having a hard time getting this stuff to actually mix, so I thought I'd add a bit of extra water.  Turns out that wasn't the greatest idea because I added too much.  Oh well, it dries out and we can just re-add water next time we want to play (just less.)

IMG 8732

Egan started out saying it was "yucky", and didn't want to touch it.  I eventually convinced him to use the shovel to do some scooping and pouring.

IMG 8734

Another lesson learned... leave out food coloring.  I thought it would be really fun to let Egan pick a color.  He picked blue, so we added some... and some more.  It never really turned very blue, but both his hands and mine turned a nice "Smurf-like" hue.  Trust me, just leave it tan.

IMG 8743

(Could he look more like his daddy? I think not.  This expression is all him.)

IMG 8745

I eventually convinced him to just touch it.  He did... hesitantly.  He eventually decided it wasn't so yucky and stuck a finger in, followed by his whole hand...

IMG 8749

And then his other hand...

IMG 8760

He was officially a fan... and quite the mess.

IMG 8764

IMG 8765

He didn't stop there though.

IMG 8770

He stepped right in, and loved it!  This is from the boy who didn't want to even touch the stuff to start.

IMG 8771

So, even though ours turned out nothing like the original one I read about, Egan didn't mind one bit.  Plus, he didn't know moon sand was supposed to be drier than ours!

IMG 8773

I was a bit concerned about the cleanup that was to follow, but it was surprisingly easy. I just got the water hose and washed all the sand off Egan and down into the flower bed.

IMG 8775

It was hot even up on our covered patio, but worth it to get to play with the "moon sand", and a fun, inexpensive activity to occupy  a busy toddler for easily 45 minutes!

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