Tuesday, August 30, 2011

still cooped up...

This can be added to our list of crafts we've done because it's too hot to be outside. Egan LOVED this project.

IMG 8838

Puffy paint was the name of the game this day. We mixed equal parts flour, salt and water with a food color of choice. Note: if you let the toddler add the water, he will get it everywhere.

IMG 8840

First, we made blue... Egan's first choice.

IMG 8841

Then, we poured the paint into a bottle we got just for this project.

IMG 8842

IMG 8844

Egan was PUMPED. I mean, really, have you ever seen such pride?

IMG 8847

I let him try out the paint on some poster board before we made the other colors. He declared it a success.

IMG 8855

IMG 8859

You know, painting take some serious concentration.

IMG 8861

IMG 8862

Next up, we made some green...

IMG 8867

IMG 8870

IMG 8871

IMG 8883

and then some yellow and purple! (Why purple? Well, I only had a very small amount of red left, so we used what we had and then mixed in some blue... ta da!)

IMG 8900

The finished painting products. He's done more painting since these were taken, but I'll be sure to take a picture of the finished painting. It was really like two projects in one! We made the paint, and were able to paint with it!

IMG 8912

He was one happy kid. See?

IMG 8926

Egan and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Daddy/Blake a happy birthday! He's worked a long hard day, so we are going to hold the celebrations till tomorrow on his birthday take two! Love you, Blake!

Friday, August 26, 2011

because we've been cooped up.

It's been a week of mostly mommy and Egan while Blake has been working a bit extra.  That means we have been looking for some extra activities to keep us both occupied.  One morning we played at Piper's house, ate snow cones and built tents with Jack, went to see a friend in the hospital, visited daddy, went to Playgroup, again visited daddy with the Howell kids, and made "Moon Sand".  We have kept busy for sure.

What is "Moon Sand" you ask?

IMG 8723

Well, I learned about it here, and thought we should give it a try.

We were having a hard time getting this stuff to actually mix, so I thought I'd add a bit of extra water.  Turns out that wasn't the greatest idea because I added too much.  Oh well, it dries out and we can just re-add water next time we want to play (just less.)

IMG 8732

Egan started out saying it was "yucky", and didn't want to touch it.  I eventually convinced him to use the shovel to do some scooping and pouring.

IMG 8734

Another lesson learned... leave out food coloring.  I thought it would be really fun to let Egan pick a color.  He picked blue, so we added some... and some more.  It never really turned very blue, but both his hands and mine turned a nice "Smurf-like" hue.  Trust me, just leave it tan.

IMG 8743

(Could he look more like his daddy? I think not.  This expression is all him.)

IMG 8745

I eventually convinced him to just touch it.  He did... hesitantly.  He eventually decided it wasn't so yucky and stuck a finger in, followed by his whole hand...

IMG 8749

And then his other hand...

IMG 8760

He was officially a fan... and quite the mess.

IMG 8764

IMG 8765

He didn't stop there though.

IMG 8770

He stepped right in, and loved it!  This is from the boy who didn't want to even touch the stuff to start.

IMG 8771

So, even though ours turned out nothing like the original one I read about, Egan didn't mind one bit.  Plus, he didn't know moon sand was supposed to be drier than ours!

IMG 8773

I was a bit concerned about the cleanup that was to follow, but it was surprisingly easy. I just got the water hose and washed all the sand off Egan and down into the flower bed.

IMG 8775

It was hot even up on our covered patio, but worth it to get to play with the "moon sand", and a fun, inexpensive activity to occupy  a busy toddler for easily 45 minutes!

Monday, August 22, 2011

edited to add...

I think one of the videos was passworded.  I fixed it though, so if it didn't work for you, you might give it another try.

Lets just call this...

.... the month of iPhone pictures.

It's been just too hot to lug my big camera around, so I've got an update via the iphone.

Egan is a hoot. There is no doubt that he got his daddy's sense of humor. It may be only us that get some of his jokes, but to me, they are hilarious.

Egan loves a good pixar movie. While daddy was working one night, we snuggled in bed with a bowl of popcorn and watched one. He thought that was the most fun thing ever.

IMG 0898

You are going to have to listen closely to this one, but this is just an example of egan's antics and nonstop conversation over dinner.

(Sorry, video issues, so click here to view this one...)

His normal answer to "What do you want to do today?" is "TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"

Next you will hear Blake try to get him to do the Ovaltine bit from Sinfield. He's about got it down... Then he asks, "What's Ovaltine?"

The playgroup took a trip to a local airplane museum. Egan was in airplane heaven. Here he is with Jack and a helicopter.

IMG 0947

And here is Egan with Marshall and Hudson in front of an airplane. The boys were non-stop motion running from airplane to airplane checking them all out. The girls, on the other hand, had fun, but the boys were SO into the museum.

IMG 0949

They even had a play area where the kids could sit in the pilot's seat! It was just the perfect outing for all these little ones on a hot summer day.

IMG 0950

I finally got my new workstation set up! Here is Egan testing out the new chair. I think it's perfect!

IMG 0952

The new work station also meant some fun for Egan.

Home repairs are still happening... ugh. There's this along with the toilet next to it that have needed repairs. I love the charm of our old house, but the seemlingly endless updates are not so much fun!

IMG 0951

Blake took a trip to Joplin to help with the cleanup effort after the tornado. Here he is with his team!

IMG 5180

While he was away, Egan and I held down the fort at home. Here's Egan one night in the bath. When asked where Daddy was, Egan's reply was always, "Taking over the world, and helping people." I'd say he was right!

IMG 0979

... Which coincidently was the same place I saw a tiny lizard the following day. This is why having a terrior is handy. I let her know about said lizard, and she chased it down into the drain. I ran hot water down the drain and closed it. I haven't seen it since.

IMG 0973

We had Max come to visit while my parents were out of town. Max and Maggie had fun wrestling.

IMG 0968

Egan had fun having another puppy to rub.

IMG 0987

We had ONE cool day! It was drizzly all morning, but we were SO happy to get outside. Egan splashed in puddles and was a big mess by the time we went inside, but it was all worth it! It has just been TOO hot to go outside lately!

IMG 0981

This will only be funny if you have ever seen "Portlandia". Blake loves the show. One of the lines from the show is "Put a bird on it!" Egan thinks that is pretty funny, so when I asked him if he wanted to go to Freebirds for dinner, he replied...

By the way, that was a retape where I tried to get him to repeat what he said the first time. It didn't work so great, but the first time was totally unprompted.

Remember how I was talking about Egan and his "musmash"? Here he is with a little stick on one. Oh boy, talk about fun!

IMG 8699

Now I feel all caught up. Finally!