Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, It's officially been one of those weeks.  It's been hot for a while now.  Like 100+ hot daily.  I can actually handle the hot except for when the air conditioner isn't working so well.  That is just what happened to us this last weekend. We had a repair man over late Friday night.  You know, it's funny how things change.  We used to have much more fun things to do on Friday nights, and well much more fun things on which to spend our $ than an air conditioner. The guy tweaked a few things and gave us some options on what we could do to get it working better. When on Saturday, our house was still HOT, we decided to add some insulation to our attic.  This was when our neighbors officially added us (Blake) to their "crazy list".  Egan went to play with a friend on Saturday while Blake and I spent a fun filled evening blowing insulation into one very hot attic.  I stood in the front yard and fed the machine while Blake baked in the attic. It was awesome. Just a note to anyone thinking of doing the same... Don't do it in July.  If you have no other option, neighbor Jim says to do it at 7am.  We didn't have either luxury.  One thing we did that worked very well was to plug earphones into our iphones and had one long phone call while we were working.  It served several purposes, one being I could be sure blake hadn't passed out in the attic.  The other was that I was able to adjust the feed speed as we went.  So far, I think it has made a huge difference.

A/C woes behind us, we had some more fun today.  Blake was on his way home from work and texted to say his car wouldn't start, but that he was able to be jumped and was headed to a nearby auto store to get his battery checked.  When he arrived at the auto store he had more issues with the battery and they were going to try to charge it for an hour or so. (This may not be ALL accurate... I wasn't there.)  At this point, he called to see if I could come get him so we could make it where we needed to on time.  Crazies things was that MY car battery was dead too!  Ryan, a friend, picked Blake up and let us borrow his car for the evening.  We grabbed dinner and went to our church where we were serving as "table leaders" for a new parent's class. I was shocked when we weren't even late.  Its been a full day... er... week.  Here's hoping for a much "duller" rest to the week.

(Edited to add... this photo.  Egan saw me checking the temperature by standing on this stool.  He did this repeatedly throughout the day.)

IMG 7291

And because this wouldn't be my blog without a cute picture or two of Egan...

IMG 7102

It was actually taken a couple of weeks ago, but I never got around to posting it.  He LOVED the cupcake, and made quite the mess of it as well!

IMG 7123


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