Thursday, July 28, 2011

where does he get it?

Tonight for dinner, Egan got to try a new food... edemame in the pod. Being the veggie eater he is, I knew he'd have fun with it. He did, just in a different way than I expected. I tought him how to squeeze the pod over his plate to get the bean out, discard the leftover pod, and eat the bean. He was hooked. I think he ate more than I did. Then, out of the blue, he did this.

IMG 7408

Know what that is?

IMG 7416

It's a moustache, and he did this totally unpromped. I about fell out of my chair. Here's a little video I thought I'd share. (click on the image below to view video.)

MVI_7419 - Version 2

You guys, this kid is funny. Think he gets it from his daddy? Also, can you just imagine the little boy humor in our house 2 years from now? oh my.

IMG 7421  2

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