Wednesday, July 20, 2011

some things...

Some things we've done this summer...

My camera didn't make it on this trip, but Egan made his first trip to Family Reunion!  Blake's extended family meets yearly in Joplin, MO.  He had a BLAST running, playing and staying up late.  We had fun catching up with some cousins who we used to get to see more frequently.  Egan actually did great on the car trip thanks to a stash of NEW "Cars" toys I pulled out along the way.  He hasn't put them down since. (not kidding...)

IMG 7342

IMG 7347

(You should notice that even his underwear are "Cars"... and this from a family who usually tries to avoid all things character. I know.)

IMG 7350

We made a trip for July 4th to see my family.  The highlight for Egan was a ride in Grandad's airplane.

IMG 7195

Notice I say a "ride" and not a "fly".  All wheels stayed securely on the ground.  They just taxied down to fill up with gas.  Egan couldn't have been happier though.  He LOVES airplanes and to get to ride in one, wear a headset, and (gasp) even (pretend) steer was so much fun.

IMG 7205

After they filled up with gas, we watched grandad take off into the sunset and then took Egan back to get ready for bed. Egan was PUMPED.

IMG 7245

We've also been having lots of fun with the playgroup this summer.  One recent outing was to an indoor safari.

IMG 7261

All the kids had a blast on the little train and on the slide and in the ball pit.  Egan was moving nonstop the entire time we were there.

IMG 7267

We've also had plenty of fun at home.  Most recently the fun was in the form of large bubble wrap. Since it's been so hot, it has meant playtime indoors in the afternoon.  I'll take a toddler jumping on bubble wrap to toddler running crazy any day!

IMG 7286

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