Monday, June 6, 2011

what we do.

It's already hot here. VERY hot if you ask me, but Egan has found a way to beat the heat. This is our daily afternoon activity.
IMG_6530 (1).jpg

He runs and runs and runs through the sprinkler.
IMG_6535 (1).jpg

and then runs some more.
IMG_6536 (1).jpg

IMG_6539 (1).jpg

Then he slides.
IMG_6552 (1).jpg

Oh, and then he learned how to aim the little sprinklers at mom and dad. That was fun.
IMG_6559 (1).jpg

And back to more running.
IMG_6560 (1).jpg

When the running gets old, he likes to jump in his pool.
IMG_6561 (1).jpg

Where he swims and...
IMG_6570 (1).jpg

...slides some more!
IMG_6572 (1).jpg

Summer evenings outside are our favorite.
IMG_6573 (1).jpg

We've even started another favorite summertime treat.... outdoor baths. We love summer.
IMG_6580 (1).jpg

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