Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back at it... Day 9

I'm back at it and almost done with the updates on our trip. I realized, though, that I forgot part of Day 8! With all the excitement surrounding the helicopter ride, I totally forgot about the awesome massage I got!
The first day on board the ship, we went to the spa and entered their giveaway for different treatments, and guess who won! Blake, of course. He promptly handed the winning card over to me to redeem. What a sweet guy, right?
So, I booked my seaweed massage for after we set sail the day we were in Juneau. It was heavenly. First, I was coated with a seaweed mask and then with a foil blanket and given a head massage while I "marinated". After all the seaweed stuff was washed off, I got an amazing massage. Ahhhhhh. It was a great time.
On to day 9. We arrived in Ketchican early in the morning and began exploring.
IMG_5671 (1).jpg





We even saw a bear up close!

Scary, right?

IMG_5652 (1).jpg

Ketchikan is such a cute town. This is Creek Street where there are lots of fun little shops.


Along the way we saw this...

I'm not sure why there is a Mexican Restaurant that is also "The Best Pizza in Town."
I also got my picture taken with THE Sarah.
IMG_5667 (1).jpg

She was much thinner than I thought she'd be!
There was also this...

That'd be Blake swimming in freezing Alaskan waters. Like earlier in the trip, this was to fulfill his duties swimming at work.
The day was fun, low key, and a great way to end our time in Alaska. The next day, Canada!
The rest of the day spent on the ship was also enjoyable. I'm pretty sure my afternoon was spent napping and exercising. Then, at dinner our server convinced us ladies at the table to get up and dance. That was FUUUN times.
Annnnd finally, our after dinner lotus flower.

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  1. The fun you had is captured in every picture! I'm just curious why you (Whitney) opted out of the Polar Bear swim with Blake...