Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The farm with friends

We recently went on a trip with the playgroup to a local farm. The theme for the week for the pre-school program was butterflies, yet there were no real butterflies to be seen. I don't think the kids cared though. They were more interested in the chickens, goats, sheep, mules, and tractor ride. We had so much fun getting out with our friends we hadn't seen in a while!
Here's Egan feeding the chickens. He kept asking to go back and see "more chickens, please."
IMG_5770 (1).jpg

Here are some MORE chickens. They were pretty crazy looking!
IMG_5776 (1).jpg

We got to get in a trailer and be pulled behind a tractor. Oh my...

AAAANNNDDD... back to the chickens, of course! That is pure joy on his face. No doubt about it.

Just another fun adventure with Egan's playgroup buddies!

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