Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 4: Sail away day with a Bonus Day 5: At Sea

Day Four, the day we got on the very large boat, was also the day the sun decided to show its face in Seattle. We hung out in the hotel, got our stuff repacked, got in a taxi, and went to the pier to catch our cruise. It seems like there was line after line to wait in, but it moved fairly quickly. We talked to Egan for the last time for a few days and boarded the ship! This was our view from our balcony as we sailed away from Seattle. Notice a difference in the color of the buildings from the previous day?

As we looked across the horizon, this is what we saw.

Remember that hike we took the previous day to get a photo of downtown with Mount Rainier in the background? Well, this was the day the mountain decided to appear. Just a note on this, the mountain is about 100 miles away.
Here are some other sights as we set sail.


One of he things we enjoyed from our last cruise were the different towel animals that appeared on our bed each evening. This cruise was no different. I photographed them every night.

IMG_4468 (1).jpg

Other things from our first day on the ship:
- The cruise director, Stu, introduced himself. He was a chipper, proud Australian.
- We also heard from our Naturalist for the cruise, Michelle. Between the two of them, we were ALWAYS in the know.
- We went to the Spa introduction so we could hear all about the FABULOUS treatments they had to offer try to win a free massage. As luck would have it, Blake won a seaweed wrap and massage valued at almost $200. He promptly handed the card to me. What a sweet guy.

Day 2: Another day at sea. We rested (meaning I napped and Blake read.) We also went to hear about some stuff to do in Alaska. Unfortunately all they wanted to tell us about were the things we could pay for through them. Fortunately we had done our research ahead of time and knew some things we wanted to do.
The captain of the ship came to this talk. He was an Italian guy who, as Blake said, "had a lot to say, but didn't say a lot." It described him perfectly.

It was formal night on the ship, so we dressed up in our fancy clothes and went to dinner. We sat with two other couples, and dinner was a highlight each day. We often sat at the table for 2 hours talking and laughing. Our server, Damir from Croatia, was fabulous as well. His positive attitude really was contagious. Also, this guy came to our table the second evening. When he first arrived, he was singing, and it was totally odd.

Then, he started doing some magic tricks. He was good. He also had a crazy tie.
At the end of dinner, our server brought out a cake to sing "Happy Anniversary" to one of our table mates. The thing was, it wasn't their anniversary... Nor was it anyone else's at the table. We had all mentioned before that this trip would count as our anniversary celebration, so they sang to all of us. It was classic, yet I don't think it is coming across nearly as funny as it actually was. I guess you had to be there.
Here is the anniversary cake to be shared by the table.

I stuck with the chocolate cake I originally ordered.
After dinner with some handsome guy in a suit.
IMG_4482 (1).jpg

Tonight's animal... a rabbit.

Phew, days 4 and 5. Day 6 we cruised Tracy Arm Fjord and saw some amazing sights. Coming soon.

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