Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 3: all about those guitars, the art, and the hike I spoke of...

First item of the day: Brunch.


This was our fantastic view.

Thanks Clint and Lisa for the recommendation!
After brunch, we took a walk to see some more of the city as well as some sculptures. Along the way, we saw these people carving a totem pole. Pretty cool, huh?


Looking back up the road. Downtown is just to the left of the picture, and the water just to the right on the other side of those buildings. The sculpture park, behind us.


Look, it's a box sitting in the middle of the park.

Actually it was there on purpose. Both the chair and box were made of metal. The artist had more to say about it on the plaque sitting next to it, but that's all I remember.


When we lived in NYC, MOMA had a temporary collection by this artist. (Tyler, remember going to see those?) Well, they had some in Seattle too.

Check this out for scale...

After the sculpture garden, we went to see some art of a different kind at the "Experience Music Project".

They had a whole section devoted to Nirvana. Honestly, it was a bit odd to me to see some of the things that were there in a museum setting, but overall we enjoyed it.



After Nirvana, there was a WHOLE room of famous guitars dating back to the beginning of guitars. That was pretty neat to see all these famous instruments in one place. Here are just a few we saw. Also, I should note here that Blake took almost all the pictures from the EMP. Didn't he do great!?



Then, there was this tornado of different instruments. AWESOME!

IMG_4345 (1).jpg

Blake got to do a little mixing.

He also got to see some stuff from Battle Star Galactica. Along with music, this place also had all things Sci-Fi. Unfortunately, most of that was under construction. Don't let his excitement fool you. He was happy to see it.
IMG_4346 (1).jpg

I also got to do a bit of mixing.

Here's the outside of the building, quite awesome!
IMG_4372 (2).jpg

After a busy morning and afternoon spent walking, we needed a bit of a break before taking a hike. Seattle is by no means flat, but I don't think either of us expected the hill we climbed. I'd read about this park that had a fabulous view of the city with Mount Rainier in the background. What we saw once climbing this massive hill was a nice view of the city, but no Mount Rainier. It was too hazy. We definitely don't regret the climb though.


We even made the climb two lenses for my camera, one a borrowed telephoto 400mm lens and tripod. Blake was such a trooper. With a zoom reaching like this, I think it was worth it.

We were even able to get a shot of the two of us with the city in our background.
IMG_4418 (1).jpg

Dinner this evening was at a local mexican food place that had great reviews online. Even coming from a texan, it was fabulous, and since it was happy hour, cheap!
I'd say day three was a huge success and tons of fun. What did day four hold? I guess you will have to wait to see!

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