Monday, April 25, 2011

he really got it!

I'd say we are a fairly modern family. I mean, my son knows how to unlock the iPad and find his games, so we are not country folk by any stretch of the imagination. I'd love for Egan to know where food comes from though, so when I heard about the strawberry picking near by where my parent's live, we decided we needed to visit. Once he understood what we were doing, Egan had a blast.
He got to look for the red strawberries... with a little help, of course.

We did a lot of the picking while Egan loaded up the boxes.



When I wasn't looking, he ate one. Since we hadn't paid for the strawberries yet, we got to learn a lesson in patience. I couldn't resist the picture though.

They were delicious, I'll give him that.
IMG_3308 (1).jpg

Here, he's pointing out a hole. It's the little things that are exciting to a (now) two year old!

Finding some good strawberries to pick.

And putting them in the basket. That is some serious self-control for a little boy who loves strawberries!

IMG_3322 (1).jpg



By the end, we had about 10 total pounds of strawberries. Deliciousness.

It was such a fun afternoon spent in the sun gathering yummy food!
IMG_3340 (1).jpg

After we left, we promptly went to taste the fruits of our labor. I think it is safe to say, that was Egan's favorite part!
IMG_3346 (1).jpg


This guy, however, Egan thought was pretty scary. He wouldn't get a step closer. I can't say I blame him.

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