Friday, April 8, 2011

2 years

I started this letter yesterday on Egan's birthday, but didn't get it finished, so here it is!
Dear Egan,
Today you turned two years old. We have had so much fun celebrating you. Yesterday, Daddy and I took you to your first Rangers Baseball game. You really loved it, and have proudly been wearing your new baseball hat since then. Today, you got to have pancakes for breakfast with two candles in them. Daddy and I sang happy birthday to you, and after a few tries, you even blew out the candles on your own!
It was a great start to a fun day! After breakfast, we went to playgroup and you thoroughly enjoyed jumping with your buddies.
You are a true boy and didn't stop moving the whole time we were there. By the end, you were quite the little stinky guy! I wouldn't change it for anything though.
Other fun things from this month include you learning to say Yes! You've known how to say the word for a while, but you've been using it a ton lately! You love all things outside and dangerous. When you fall and you aren't upset about it, you say "I'm ok, Mommy." You say please and thank-you a lot. You almost always tell store clerks "Thank you, bye bye." Another sweet thing you've started saying is "I love you." It is usually followed with a kiss. It is my favorite thing you do!
You have started singing some cute songs and have a few certain shows that you love to watch, and ask to watch those almost daily. You LOVE your daddy. Your favorite time of day is when he comes home, and I love hearing you call "daddy! daddy!" That is usually followed by plenty of wrestling. So fun.
I'm so looking forward to our third year together together. It's going to be great!
Love you son!
Mom and Dad

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