Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What we've been up to...

It started a couple weeks ago with both Blake and I opening box after box of wood parts and labeling them. Finally, last week we were able to take some time to actually do some assembly. This was close to the beginning...

Egan tried to help by handing daddy a plastic hammer. He thought it was so fun that he had his own tools to "help".


Who is this BIG boy? He has grown up so much lately. AND oh my, does he look like his daddy?

IMG_3410 (1).jpg

This was all started last Thursday and continued on into the darkness as we worked by lamp light. As hard as it is to work in the dark, it is easier than working with a 2 year old helper!

Friday morning:

(I promise he didn't climb the ladder. That is actually the back and there are no more steps for him to climb.)
IMG_3440 (1).jpg

Friday Afternoon: Uncles to the rescue! Thankfully, both Blake's and my brother as well as their girlfriends were able to come provide some help. We provided pizza in return. Here's blake and Sean building the roof supports and Tyler assembling a part of the roof. Amanda was in the back handing tools.
IMG_3441 (1).jpg

And Jordan being a great sport on the slide with Egan.
IMG_3445 (1).jpg

And then there's this. Was someone watching this kid? Ha... that's me!


Again we worked into the darkness to get as much done as possible, and I don't know what we would have done without all the help!
Saturday morning: We didn't have the ladder installed until after bedtime, so this was the first time Egan got to go up in the top!

He was SO excited.

What boy wouldn't be though?

I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures, but Egan's Aunt Amanda and Uncle Eric came Saturday morning to lend a hand. They were lifesavers.
By early afternoon we were able to get most everything finished ending with the slide... What a relief!
Finally, a few pictures where Egan actually got to play!

First time going down the slide. It's STEEP!

(Notice, there is still some more wood. We still need to build a small bench and maybe a few other small details.

He even got to swing! This was his first time on a "big boy" swing!

This should give you a pretty good idea of where we've been the last few days. I'm tired just looking at the pictures!
It is all worth it though to have a super happy little boy. I love that he loves to spend so much time outside!

Monday, April 25, 2011

he really got it!

I'd say we are a fairly modern family. I mean, my son knows how to unlock the iPad and find his games, so we are not country folk by any stretch of the imagination. I'd love for Egan to know where food comes from though, so when I heard about the strawberry picking near by where my parent's live, we decided we needed to visit. Once he understood what we were doing, Egan had a blast.
He got to look for the red strawberries... with a little help, of course.

We did a lot of the picking while Egan loaded up the boxes.



When I wasn't looking, he ate one. Since we hadn't paid for the strawberries yet, we got to learn a lesson in patience. I couldn't resist the picture though.

They were delicious, I'll give him that.
IMG_3308 (1).jpg

Here, he's pointing out a hole. It's the little things that are exciting to a (now) two year old!

Finding some good strawberries to pick.

And putting them in the basket. That is some serious self-control for a little boy who loves strawberries!

IMG_3322 (1).jpg



By the end, we had about 10 total pounds of strawberries. Deliciousness.

It was such a fun afternoon spent in the sun gathering yummy food!
IMG_3340 (1).jpg

After we left, we promptly went to taste the fruits of our labor. I think it is safe to say, that was Egan's favorite part!
IMG_3346 (1).jpg


This guy, however, Egan thought was pretty scary. He wouldn't get a step closer. I can't say I blame him.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Campin' with friends

We had a first this last weekend. We went camping with a toddler. Truth be told, we went camping with 4 little boys (all close to 2 years old) and 6 kids from our Community group... and of course their families. 6 families total. The best part? We survived to tell about it.
Here are 3 of the 4 little boys... and Maggie.


Cole and his daddy getting the hotdogs ready to cook.
IMG_3065 (1).jpg

Does this say trouble to you?
IMG_3067 (1).jpg

Dinner time! Here's one of the campsites eating.

and another.
IMG_3073 (1).jpg

Jack LOVED the marshmallows.
IMG_3077 (1).jpg

As did Egan.

They also enjoyed sticks, both large and small.

After dinner, the kids made s'mores over a charcoal fire. We weren't allowed to have a "real" one because of all the wild fires around right now. I don't really think they minded though.
IMG_3089 (1).jpg

I don't think these look like the faces of unhappy campers, do you?

If you look really closely, you will notice Egan eating a tomato while all the other kids chow on yummy s'mores. Who is this kid?!? I should also note that they were making s'mores with Reeses as the chocolate. HELLO!

Look, it's a wagon full of boys!
IMG_3105 (1).jpg

We had a successful first night. I don't think any of the kids were ready for bed, but eventually the campsite was quiet. I say quiet, but I don't think anyone slept all that great. It was freezing overnight!
Saturday morning, part of our crew went to see the animals at Fossil Rim. Egan and I have been several times, but it was a first for everyone else!







This goat was in the petting zoo. Egan actually did pet it, and wasn't too scared... till it stood up. Party was over after that.

Here's Jake and his parent's petting some little goats.

Marshall and Egan pretending they are goats by climbing the rocks.


Here's a baby giraffe we got to feed.

Isn't he cute!?


Then a "Daddy giraffe" (as Egan called it) came up to eat through our sunroof. His legs were as tall as the SUV we were riding in!
IMG_3195 (1).jpg


IMG_3204 (1).jpg

Amazingly, neither Marshall or Egan were scared of this LARGE giraffe sticking his nose into our car!

IMG_3216 (1).jpg

We also saw this sweet little baby zebra. He was so tiny!



We avoided this guy at all costs. SCARY!

Here's a sweet little wildebeest we saw.

And who I'd guess is his mommy. I just love all the new animals that are out in the Spring!

Here are a couple fun shots we took late Saturday night.

That is what you can get when you have a several minute long exposure and some glowsticks. No editing done here. You wouldn't know it, but these pictures were taken in the pitch dark by moonlight! See the star moving across the sky in the picture below?



We had so much fun in the outdoors with sweet friends. I can't wait for our next trip! Well, maybe I CAN wait. I'm not ready to do it all again soon, but I can say that this won't be our only camping trip Egan gets to enjoy!