Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a dino + 2 boys

The weather has been so nice the last few days. Yesterday, we went to the park with Egan's friend, Jack, and his mom. They had a blast. Egan spotted this dino first thing and couldn't resist climbing up on it.

He also loved climbing on the play area.

But the most fun was playing with his buddy.

They crack me up. Egan is obsessed with this hat. He wears is all the time. Jack... loves his hoodie.

We fully welcome the warm weather and are so looking forward to Spring and many more fun trips to the park!

Want to know what else is going on here?

Egan has been patrolling the coming and going of the dogs. He lets them out... and in... and gets his stool so he can watch them outside. Here, he was watching Maggie.

We are also starting a new project!

A garden!
These two are basil and cilantro. I also plan to grow some tomatoes. That might be all though as I like to keep it small here. We shall see.

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