Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I'm busy, Mom!"

My sweet boy. He is moving at top speeds 97% of the time. The other 3% are spent eating, reading and sleeping. (I'm kidding, but sometimes it feels like it!)
He has a new favorite thing, and it is the reason he wouldn't look at me for ANYTHING.
IMG_1836 (1).jpg

Know what it is?

Dinosaurs of course!

He is loving them these days. He's learned quite a few of the names of the different types of dinos. Quick too!



For some reason, he's deemed this dino "Baby". He snuggles it and loves on it. I'm really not sure why this one is the baby, but I think it is sweet.
IMG_1831 (1).jpg


Here's a little video I took the other day of Egan naming a few of the dinos on his placemat. He learned all of them in the 5 minutes previous to this video. Click here.

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