Monday, March 28, 2011

The winner!


Well, the giveaway is over and the winner by random drawing is "alooneylife"!
"alooneylife said...
We would love more family pictures - we have never had prof portraits just my sister or other family members feeble attempt! We would love some before we become a family of four!"
Congrats and I'll be sending you an email shortly!
I have a few more slots available as well as a second day of shooting if the 2nd doesn't work for you. Details on that are being nailed down right now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

planes, trains, ...

So, it was planes one day, and trains on another for Egan. Last week, our playgroup went to a park that also had a train museum next to it. It wasn't that big, but the kids loved it. They were mesmerized by the little trains on the track.

Then, we took a little tour of an antique train car where the kids got to pretend they were the brake people.


After the train museum, we went back to play some more at the park. Egan LOVED the slides as usual.

He slid over and over and over.
IMG_1953 (1).jpg

We love fun days at the park with our friends!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


(Reminder, Check here for information on my mini-sessions. There's a free session with prints up for grabs! All you have to do is leave a comment!)

Egan loves them. Like loves them a lot. It just so happens that my dad has an airplane, and he flew into our area the other day.

Egan had a blast being so close to the runway watching all the airplanes take off and land. He also had a good time having free run of an airplane. What boy wouldn't?
We also went to the airplane museum nearby. If I had a $ for every time Egan pointed and said "AIRPLANE", I'd have at least $137. Here's a sampling of what we saw.


IMG_1873 (1).jpg

IMG_1875 (1).jpg




Egan even suckered his pilot Grandad into a pilot hat for himself. I dn't think he had to try too hard. I think all he had to say was "hat!"
IMG_1888 (1).jpg

Anyway, Egan enjoyed another few minutes at the wheel until Grandad had to leave. He takes his job quite seriously.

Then, we watched the airplane takeoff into the clouds. Egan has been wearing his "cool hat" every since that day.

We might have a new pilot in the family.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I'm busy, Mom!"

My sweet boy. He is moving at top speeds 97% of the time. The other 3% are spent eating, reading and sleeping. (I'm kidding, but sometimes it feels like it!)
He has a new favorite thing, and it is the reason he wouldn't look at me for ANYTHING.
IMG_1836 (1).jpg

Know what it is?

Dinosaurs of course!

He is loving them these days. He's learned quite a few of the names of the different types of dinos. Quick too!



For some reason, he's deemed this dino "Baby". He snuggles it and loves on it. I'm really not sure why this one is the baby, but I think it is sweet.
IMG_1831 (1).jpg


Here's a little video I took the other day of Egan naming a few of the dinos on his placemat. He learned all of them in the 5 minutes previous to this video. Click here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun in the outdoors with friends

We LOVE Spring. It means tons of time spent outdoors. The last week was no exception. We had playgroup at our house and had fun in the backyard.
The kids went down the slide.

and climbed through the play structure.

I'm not sure why Egan thought this was so fun, but he kept doing it and saying "I'm ok."

The sandbox was also a favorite. How many kids can fit in a small turtle sand pit? A lot.

You know it's been a successful day outdoors when this is what comes from your son's pants and shoes.

Have I mentioned we love Spring?
We also took a trip to the arboretum with Egan's good buddy Jack and his mom. The boys LOVED running around.

They explored everything and ran off lots of energy.


We enjoyed the beautiful flowers. Wow, they were amazing!




I tried hard to get a "2 year" photo of Egan, but he REALLY didn't want to cooperate with me. This is the best I got.


Isn't that how it works with an almost 2 year old?

IMG_1770 (1).jpg

That's ok, because I'm pretty sure these flowers are smiling. :)


And Egan had so much fun with his friend. I don't think anything could make our visit sour.

IMG_1787 (1).jpg

Once again, I say, we love Spring!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Mini-Sessions


It's that time again! Spring is in the air and I'm doing a day of mini-sessions! April 2nd is the day and here is your chance to get some new fun family portraits at a great rate or even for free!

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That means you can have up to three entries! Please post a separate comment for each thing you did to receive the correct number of entries. The giveaway closes Sunday, March 27 at 10pm and the winner will be posted shortly after that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

23 months

Dear Egan,
Today you turn 23 months old. In one month from today you will be two years old. You are such a fun kid and have quite the sense of humor.
The weather the last two weeks has been beautiful. I think Spring has come and we are LOVING it! We've had daily trips to the park and other fun places.
Your new favorite show is "Go Diego, Go!" You ask for it by name frequently. Sometimes we watch it. You also like "Dino Dan", "Dinosaur Train", "Franklin", and of course "Yo Gabba Gabba". In fact, you have recorded several shows on your own. On more than one instance, I've found things on the dvr and thought Blake recorded them for you, but he said he didn't, and I know I didn't, so you are our best guess. Do you know the record button? My best guess is that yes you do since you've seen us use the remote. I never ceased to be amazed by your knowledge and skills. Speaking of knowledge, you have learned many letters of the alphabet. More than even last month. You have foam letters for the bath tub, and one of our favorite games is to find them and pull them out by name. C-U-T-E.
One thing that isn't so cute is your strong preference on little daily things. We are trying to work on using your words to express your feeling instead of throwing a temper tantrum. I work hard to give you choices when possible, but sometimes you aren't happy with those choices. We've also been working to teach you manners. (Things like "Yes mam/sir", "No sir/mam", and "No thank-you".) You've taken "No thank-you" to an extreme. When I ask you to do something like "Let's go inside." You often respond with "No thank-you." Honestly, it is so cute that it is hard to get on to you. Good tactic.
In other news, you have started eating a lot better. In fact, just tonight you did a great job eating your curry stir fry. Actually, I left the curry out of yours, but it was cooked in coconut milk with lemongrass. I'd call that big boy food! You still show a strong preference for veggies, specifically broccoli (trees), and you really enjoyed picking out the assorted veggies and naming them or asking us what they were. You ate lots of bell pepper, onion, cauliflower (white trees), asparagus, green beans and lots of other things. I thought it was awesome!
We went out this afternoon to take a few pictures and let you play in the sun some. You were not a happy camper when you woke up from you nap, but you finally came around and we had fun even though you had NO interest in taking pictures. I think we got a few cute ones though. I let you wear your hat since you have been wearing it non-stop. So, while they may not be the best pictures I've ever taken of you, I think they perfectly show you at this stage.
Egan, I love you and am looking forward to tomorrow and the next and the next... days with you.
Love, mom

Here are a few of the pictures we took today. There are lots more, but it's late and I'm tired. We've had quite the project of refinishing slate floors in our kitchen the last few day, but that story will have to wait for another day.



IMG_1558 (1).jpg


IMG_1589 (1).jpg