Friday, February 4, 2011

oh how things change...

Remember back on SUNDAY when this was taken?

When Egan was out without a coat, and Blake was out in short sleeves?
That is a thing of the past.
We are currently on day four of crazy cold weather. For those not in our area: it might have reached a high of 20 degrees once. (Correction: it is 26 right now.) Monday night, we got a heavy dose of ice that coated everything. Since it hasn't warmed up at all, the ice has just stuck around. The city has pretty much shut down. Blake hasn't had to go to work since Monday, and monday was the only day there was school.
This morning, we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. 5 or 6 inches! Since we've been cooped up so long, we thought we HAD to get out in it, so we bundled up and went out to play.
Egan wasn't a fan in the beginning, but quickly "warmed up" to the idea of snow.

We even got a rare family picture thanks to a camera timer and tripod.

We don't own a sled, but thought Egan might enjoy a little sledding action.



Actually, he didn't. It could have been the little tip he took when daddy was pulling him.

He did like playing with the snow from the safety of the garage.


Then he realized it wasn't so bad, so he stepped out a bit further.

Actually, we really did end up having quite a bit of fun once Egan decided he liked the snow. He even walked out in it with daddy.

This is my new desktop on my computer. love this of my sweet boys.

We didn't want all this pretty snow to go to waste, so Blake attempted a snow man. Egan was clueless as to what he was doing, but had fun knocking the snow off of the top.


The snow man didn't work out so great because well... the snow was too dry. It wouldn't pack for anything!
Next best thing? A snow angel.

What daddy does, Egan must do too!

Only Egan hated it.
He did get a pretty nice little snow angel though.

We all made it back inside and warmed up. I made Egan some hot (warm) chocolate, which he wouldn't drink and a corndog.

He also ate 1/2 a banana dipped in ketchup. Seriously. yuck. He then topped it off with an orange. I guess all that playing in the snow made the boy hungry!


  1. I LOOOVE the family photo, Whitney--you look BEAUTIFUL!! And Egan looks SO grown up in the first corndog shot--less toddler and more little boy. SCARY! I'm not ready for that yet...

  2. I was pretty much going to say the exact same thing as Michele in the previous comment.. Love the family shot & Egan does look so big in the first corn dog picture. Love the blog, Whitney :)