Sunday, February 20, 2011

A couple "mom thoughts"

If you didn't catch the answer to what he was doing in this picture...

He was drinking green tea, of course!
He's recently decided that his mega blocks are awesome. Specifically he love to build "tall buildings" and "cool robots".
Here's the robot we built (with some sort of tower addition.)

He'd take off the top blocks and add some different ones.

Over and over...

Finally he settled on the original "head". Here he's telling me to look at his "cool robot."

Then, he turned really serious.

I could tell the wheels were turning...

and he was studying...

When finally he did this!

I was shocked! He was using the block as his very own camera! He pointed it at me, maggie, bo, and finally out the window.
My sweet boy is growing up and watching my every move, from the green tea to "taking pictures" to something else he did today. It was so sweet I almost cried!
We were sitting on the couch together this morning watching one of his tv shows when he reached out to hold my hand and then gave me the sweetest kiss on the back of the hand! Talk about melting my heart! (To be honest, I'd asked him earlier in the morning to hold my hand, but never kissed his hand like that. I think he picked that one up from his daddy.) The things he learns when we aren't even trying to teach him amaze me and keep me on my toes.
Love this sweet boy.


  1. They really are little sponges aren't they? How sweet!

  2. love this post, whitney. it's my favorite when they repeat certain phrases that we use with them all day. such as... "gotta be careful!" :)