Sunday, February 27, 2011

a mile(ish) in daddy's shoes

If you came looking for Egan this morning, this is what you would have found...

He put on Blake's shoes and walked around the house for a good long time. He thought he was one cool kid.
After he was done walking, he sat for a bit and let me take his picture, but as hard as I tried, he wouldn't crack a smile.

Not even one.
Also... we have a new favorite game.
IMG_1396 (1).jpg

It might not look like much to you, but to Egan this was the most exciting thing all day.
IMG_1394 (1).jpg

A tent.

Made on the side of a chair with a snowman blanket.

and a laundry basket.




Sunday, February 20, 2011

A couple "mom thoughts"

If you didn't catch the answer to what he was doing in this picture...

He was drinking green tea, of course!
He's recently decided that his mega blocks are awesome. Specifically he love to build "tall buildings" and "cool robots".
Here's the robot we built (with some sort of tower addition.)

He'd take off the top blocks and add some different ones.

Over and over...

Finally he settled on the original "head". Here he's telling me to look at his "cool robot."

Then, he turned really serious.

I could tell the wheels were turning...

and he was studying...

When finally he did this!

I was shocked! He was using the block as his very own camera! He pointed it at me, maggie, bo, and finally out the window.
My sweet boy is growing up and watching my every move, from the green tea to "taking pictures" to something else he did today. It was so sweet I almost cried!
We were sitting on the couch together this morning watching one of his tv shows when he reached out to hold my hand and then gave me the sweetest kiss on the back of the hand! Talk about melting my heart! (To be honest, I'd asked him earlier in the morning to hold my hand, but never kissed his hand like that. I think he picked that one up from his daddy.) The things he learns when we aren't even trying to teach him amaze me and keep me on my toes.
Love this sweet boy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To my love...

We've been out of town for a funeral for the last few days, but I wanted to share a few things about Blake in honor of Valentine's day. 7 to be exact since this is our 7th valentie's day as a married couple.

1. Some days I think you know me better than I do. You just get me and I love that.
2. You encourage me to be a better person, but never pressure me on needless things.
3. You are the best dad. I love how you interact with Egan. Seeing you together makes my heart full.
4. I love to dream together. Neither of us knows what the future holds, but it's fun to walk through life with you.
5. Your smile.
6. Your family is your priority. You take such good care of Egan and me.
7. The way you look at me when I say something silly, or how you celebrate my little (or big) quirks.
Simply put, you love me well, and I love you too.
Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

(PS- from the previous post... I didn't mean to leave that hanging for so long, but we've been gone. Egan was pretending to drink tea. Green tea to be exact. Yes, he's seen me do that a time or two. Good guesses, friends!)

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

This afternoon

Egan played with play-doh. Nothing new, but he was SO serious about it, he wouldn't even look up at me for a second. ONE!

Can you just see the determination in his face? This went on for over 10 minutes.

10 minutes of cutting, stamping, tearing, smashing...


And then this...

Can you guess what he's doing?

I bet not, but let's see... leave a comment with your answer.

(Oops! I wrote this a few days ago, but forgot to post it. I guess I'll do that now!)

The snow and ice are gone, but I took these two pictures fro my kitchen window as soon as the sun came out on Friday. It had been says since I had seen the sun! I think we were all excited!

As pretty as snow is when it falls, it isn't so pretty in the defrost process. Things have been very slushy and soggy. yuck!
I just loved how the sun was shining through the ice. This marks the end of this snow/ice storm. Only time will tell if there will be more before Spring!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

the little valentines

It was party day today at playgroup, and party we did. Egan was so distracted by all the awesome toys that he didn't even want lunch, but we took a quick timeout for some corndogs!

(Oh, and the hat. Egan, who has refused to wear a hat for any length of time up until yesterday, has decided that hats are the most awesome thing ever. Before we left for playgroup, he had to go find a hat to wear. He actually wore it for almost the whole playgroup! So cute.)
After some lunch and playtime, we had a little craft where we made sacks for the Valentines the kids were going to exchange. You can imagine the craziness with a bunch of toddlers and a craft.





Egan's finished product. He did great, right!

Piper was the sweetest little hostess

Aaaaaand the group picture. We've outgrown the couch! From left to right we have Piper, Camryn, Mia, Caleb, Hudson, Egan, Marshall, Jack, and Jake. The candy might have been a bribe. Egan spotted his ring pop and kept asking for "Help, please!" Fortunately, I was able to distract him and save that for an outside treat.
Aren't they getting so big?

Monday, February 7, 2011

22 months

Dear Egan,
Today you turn 22 months old, just 2 months till your 2nd birthday. We are having so much fun. In the last week, we've been cooped up quite a bit because we have had lots of ice and snow. You had fun watching the snow fall, but I think the "fun" finally wore off.
I think you have learned some new words, but at this point, I don't think there is anything in normal life that you don't know what it is. Not everything you say is super clear, but most of the time I can make it out.
You got an art stand for Christmas that you have been enjoying. You paint, draw with chalk, color with crayons, and also use dry erase markers. You've gotten pretty good at it! Another new family favorite is play doh. We all love to play with it, and you got some new "tools" to make it even more fun! Some of my favorite evenings have been spent playing with play doh and dancing to music. You've got some moves!
You've become more particular about what food you want to eat, and don't want to eat just anything. Veggies are still some of your favorites which means I sometimes have a challenge to get you to eat anything else.
You love all things "boy" including dinosaurs, trucks, cars, animals, balls, trains, tents, pirates, capes, and lots of other things. Another big favorite are books. I'm sure we read at least 20 a day. I'm glad you love to read! You are a whiz on the iPad. You know how to unlock it, find your apps, open one, play it, close it and choose another one. I'm impressed!
Your napping has become a bit spotty. Some days you nap for over 2 hours, and others you sleep for only one! I'm not sure why or what to do about it, but I'm hoping it is just a phase that will pass. Speaking of... you just woke up, so time to get back to being Mom!
I love you and am looking forward to seeing what new things you can come up with in the next month.

Friday, February 4, 2011

oh how things change...

Remember back on SUNDAY when this was taken?

When Egan was out without a coat, and Blake was out in short sleeves?
That is a thing of the past.
We are currently on day four of crazy cold weather. For those not in our area: it might have reached a high of 20 degrees once. (Correction: it is 26 right now.) Monday night, we got a heavy dose of ice that coated everything. Since it hasn't warmed up at all, the ice has just stuck around. The city has pretty much shut down. Blake hasn't had to go to work since Monday, and monday was the only day there was school.
This morning, we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. 5 or 6 inches! Since we've been cooped up so long, we thought we HAD to get out in it, so we bundled up and went out to play.
Egan wasn't a fan in the beginning, but quickly "warmed up" to the idea of snow.

We even got a rare family picture thanks to a camera timer and tripod.

We don't own a sled, but thought Egan might enjoy a little sledding action.



Actually, he didn't. It could have been the little tip he took when daddy was pulling him.

He did like playing with the snow from the safety of the garage.


Then he realized it wasn't so bad, so he stepped out a bit further.

Actually, we really did end up having quite a bit of fun once Egan decided he liked the snow. He even walked out in it with daddy.

This is my new desktop on my computer. love this of my sweet boys.

We didn't want all this pretty snow to go to waste, so Blake attempted a snow man. Egan was clueless as to what he was doing, but had fun knocking the snow off of the top.


The snow man didn't work out so great because well... the snow was too dry. It wouldn't pack for anything!
Next best thing? A snow angel.

What daddy does, Egan must do too!

Only Egan hated it.
He did get a pretty nice little snow angel though.

We all made it back inside and warmed up. I made Egan some hot (warm) chocolate, which he wouldn't drink and a corndog.

He also ate 1/2 a banana dipped in ketchup. Seriously. yuck. He then topped it off with an orange. I guess all that playing in the snow made the boy hungry!