Friday, January 28, 2011

quality time

This post is brought to you by the iPhone camera and after dinner family entertainment.
Got a guess at what this is?
IMG_0443 (1).jpg

Or maybe this?
IMG_0445 (1).jpg

They are both Egan's request at Blake's next play dough sculpture. The first one was Elmo, and the second... big bird. Go back and look if you don't believe me.
The next creation got partially smashed before I could get a picture.
IMG_0446 (1).jpg

It WAS a walrus.
Here's my little frog. This was actually the second one because the first one... you guessed it... was smashed.
IMG_0447 (1).jpg

The second frog was eventually smashed as well.
IMG_0448 (1).jpg

Mickey also made an appearance.

As did Minney. Let's just be honest, she is really just mickey with an added bow.

I made a stegosaurus that got rave reviews.
IMG_0455 (1).jpg

Blake made a triceratops.

After that, Egan wanted a new nose.
IMG_0461 (1).jpg

There were also lots of other awesome animals including Blake's incredible hippo.
We might have had more fun than Egan. (maybe.)

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