Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just one reason...

... I love this age.
Egan is a blast. A blast in that he is so much fun to have around and a blast because he has so much energy.
Today it snowed here. Snow is something Egan is just learning. Last winter he was too little to really realize what the white stuff was, but today he was all about it. We were playing in his room earlier today and I opened the window so he could watch the snow.
Self-proclaimed "Super Baby" ran to get his trusty stool and climbed up in the chair.

Yes, as soon as I put the cape on him, he said Super Baby! I love that he is ok being a baby. He also snuggles into my chest and says "sweet baby." I like that too.
So, here's super baby watching the snow.


Also, don't worry. He didn't fall out of the chair. I was close by.



I seriously can't believe how big he's getting. Who is this kid?!?


I just couldn't resist. This face looked so much like a real super hero face.

Oh, and the snow? It wasn't much. Here's a picture I took from Egan's window. Pretty sad really, but to a little boy it was AWESOME! I love seeing things through his eyes.

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