Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a winner?!?

We recently went to the most fun Christmas party possibly of all time. Blake's staff party never fails to be a blast! Here's what I had to say last year about the party.
This year, Blake's team decided to all wear festive attire to the party. Note: it WASN'T a dress up party.
Isn't this a fun bunch?
IMG_0106 (2).jpg

A little closer look at what Blake was wearing. Oh, and all the guys grew/shaved current facial hair into mustaches.
IMG_0108 (1).jpg

All the staff were given tickets to bid on some various items like jackets, shirts, hats, bags, cereal boxes, spam, and several other fun things. Each item also had a consequence if it was won. Blake won 2 items and also won 2 "fun" consequences.
One was that Blake had to sing the national anthem before the final game of the evening.
IMG_0112 (1).jpg

IMG_0113 (1).jpg

He is also part of the newly formed swim team. He gets to swim in the pond outside each week! As do the other people standing here at the front. Did I mention that will be happening for the whole next year?!?
IMG_0110 (1).jpg

The last game of the evening was Family Feud where the final 5 get to compete for a trip to Costa Rica!
IMG_0115 (1).jpg

Here's the whole Arts team plus spouses. Aren't we a cool bunch?
IMG_0121 (2).jpg

Aaand Blake and me. I'm just sorry you can't see my awesome Santa pin, very large Christmas tree ear rings, and poinsettia turtle neck.
IMG_0124 (1).jpg

Fun (and humiliating) times were had by all. Good food was consumed. Laughs were had. We even came home with some goodies! I'd say I'm looking forward to next year!

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