Thursday, December 16, 2010

Playgroup Christmas bash

This morning was a super fun playgroup Christmas bash! (In all honesty, they also had one last week, but we were out of town. Hey, we take every chance we can to have a party!)
All the kids wore their festive jammies. We actually didn't buy any for Egan this year, so he is wearing his shirt from last year and a pair of pants from another pair of pjs that will fit over his cast. Make it work! He made himself right at home and had lots of fun playing with Marshall's bus.

Here's a bit of the chaos.

We also had a "dirty Santa" exchange. It is where everyone brings a gift, we all draw numbers, and the first person chooses a gift... followed by the next (who can either choose a new gift to unwrap or steal someone else's gift.) It then goes on and on with everyone getting to steal or open a new gift. It was fun!

Apparently the party wore Caleb out.


Here's the whole crew! We had so much fun, ladies!

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  1. Hey there! Haven't been able to do much blog reading lately and thought I'd get caught up on yours when I had the chance! Looks like you guys have been busy! I love all the pics- so glad you have such a great group of friends through the playdate group: your weekend trip looked awesome! Also glad that sweet Egan's leg is ok! Oh and the pics of the animals were amazing! Anyhow, just stopping in to say hey. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!