Saturday, November 27, 2010

what he's been up to

Egan has had a cast on for almost a week now and he is getting around better every day. We've spent a lot of time together in the last week, and I think Egan is doing well, just frustrated with not being able to move around like he'd like.
We've spent a lot of time finding things to do that don't require movement. A new favorite... coloring.

We are working on shapes too!
IMG_9009 (1).jpg

Egan has also taken up photography... like his mom.
IMG_9019 (1).jpg

Really, He took that with my camera. Not bad for his first shot, right?
This one is a little better.
IMG_9025 (1).jpg

He was so proud of himself, and I'm proud too!
We've also been playing some other floor games.

He's loving the pretend food, and even shares it with Maggie. So cute!

He's also been spoiled quite rotten with all sorts of fun books, colors, snacks, stickers, and other fun activities by his sweet playgroup friends. He's a lucky kid.
The Fall color has been beautiful. This is what I saw out our back window the other day.

So, we are doing well, and Egan is almost one week down on the cast! Fun times for all.

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