Monday, November 22, 2010


There was a little accident yesterday evening. Blake was holding Egan and Egan somehow shifted funny and Blake caught him, but in the process he also caught his leg and there was a really loud pop. A pop followed by a loud scream. There happened to be a nurse in the room which suggested that we take him to the ER. We did, and thankfully it wasn't far away. He calmed down by the time we got there and patiently waited in the waiting room. We finally got a room and waited a bit more. Someone came in to check him out and ruled that he needed X-rays. We waited some more. Finally took some x-rays, and waited some more. Thankfully we had packed a plethora of snacks and received a few more as a party favor from a birthday party in the afternoon. So Egan ate snacks, played with some really fun toys, watched tv, played some iPhone games, and blew bubbles. It was truly a job to keep him distracted.

Finally, they let us know that he did, in fact, break a bone in his leg. It is "just" a hairline fracture, but I know it is painful. They put a splint on him and gave us some instructions to follow up with a dr today.

We did. Got him all casted up and more instructions to come back in 2 and 5 weeks. They also gave him a little walking boot and said he'd have no trouble figuring out how to make his way around the house. When we got home, he was finally able to take a nap. He slept for 3.5 hours, and that was when I woke him up. Sweet boy. After some pain medication tonight, he was having tons of fun throwing the ball for Bo and Maggie. He even tried to stand on his leg a few times. Mostly he just sat on the floor and made us do things for him. He deserves it.

He also deserves this awesome pretend food I bought and planned to save for Christmas, but decided he deserved something new and fun this morning.

We are thankful that it isn't worse, but also sad for our sweet boy.

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