Saturday, November 27, 2010

what he's been up to

Egan has had a cast on for almost a week now and he is getting around better every day. We've spent a lot of time together in the last week, and I think Egan is doing well, just frustrated with not being able to move around like he'd like.
We've spent a lot of time finding things to do that don't require movement. A new favorite... coloring.

We are working on shapes too!
IMG_9009 (1).jpg

Egan has also taken up photography... like his mom.
IMG_9019 (1).jpg

Really, He took that with my camera. Not bad for his first shot, right?
This one is a little better.
IMG_9025 (1).jpg

He was so proud of himself, and I'm proud too!
We've also been playing some other floor games.

He's loving the pretend food, and even shares it with Maggie. So cute!

He's also been spoiled quite rotten with all sorts of fun books, colors, snacks, stickers, and other fun activities by his sweet playgroup friends. He's a lucky kid.
The Fall color has been beautiful. This is what I saw out our back window the other day.

So, we are doing well, and Egan is almost one week down on the cast! Fun times for all.

Monday, November 22, 2010


There was a little accident yesterday evening. Blake was holding Egan and Egan somehow shifted funny and Blake caught him, but in the process he also caught his leg and there was a really loud pop. A pop followed by a loud scream. There happened to be a nurse in the room which suggested that we take him to the ER. We did, and thankfully it wasn't far away. He calmed down by the time we got there and patiently waited in the waiting room. We finally got a room and waited a bit more. Someone came in to check him out and ruled that he needed X-rays. We waited some more. Finally took some x-rays, and waited some more. Thankfully we had packed a plethora of snacks and received a few more as a party favor from a birthday party in the afternoon. So Egan ate snacks, played with some really fun toys, watched tv, played some iPhone games, and blew bubbles. It was truly a job to keep him distracted.

Finally, they let us know that he did, in fact, break a bone in his leg. It is "just" a hairline fracture, but I know it is painful. They put a splint on him and gave us some instructions to follow up with a dr today.

We did. Got him all casted up and more instructions to come back in 2 and 5 weeks. They also gave him a little walking boot and said he'd have no trouble figuring out how to make his way around the house. When we got home, he was finally able to take a nap. He slept for 3.5 hours, and that was when I woke him up. Sweet boy. After some pain medication tonight, he was having tons of fun throwing the ball for Bo and Maggie. He even tried to stand on his leg a few times. Mostly he just sat on the floor and made us do things for him. He deserves it.

He also deserves this awesome pretend food I bought and planned to save for Christmas, but decided he deserved something new and fun this morning.

We are thankful that it isn't worse, but also sad for our sweet boy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another day in the pumpkins

Yesterday, we made a little trip to the arboretum. Blake had the day off, and the weather was nice. What more do I need?
Pumpkin time there is officially over, but they've yet to haul them all off. Egan thought they were so cool.

He's getting so big! (Sidenote: tonight I was trying to get his new footy pjs on him. They are size 24 months and I couldn't zip them. When did that happen? They weren't just a little small. They were WAY too small. Sad.)
Back to the pumpkins... we saw a sea of them.

After we played in the pumpkins, we went out to a wide open area for some running, and run he did. (That's our stroller in the back. He wanted as far away as he could get.)
IMG_8964 (1).jpg

When his sleeve started slipping over his left hand, I asked him to show me his hand. This is what he did.
IMG_8970 (1).jpg

And again.
IMG_8968 (1).jpg

IMG_8963 (1).jpg

When I laid down in the grass to get a few photos from a lower angle, so did he. Monkey see, monkey do.
IMG_8960 (1).jpg

After the grass, he ran over to the stairs.

This is when I finally got his attention. (7 or so steps later.)






This is when I knew we were done.

Next up... the "old" houses.



Then daddy hung Egan from a rope.


Fun times with the boys.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Last week, the playgroup made a trip to the Central Market playground. The kids loved it! We were the first ones there and Egan immediately ran up to the tallest slide and went down it. Repeat... repeat.


Egan must have seen a bigger kid climbing the chain ladder, so he decided he must do it. He made it several times with only minimal help. Scary!

Jake also loved to slide. He'd smile and clap every time he went down.

Egan went down this slide countless times as well.

He also tried to climb this circle ladder thing. It didn't work out so well though.

Here's Piper taking a stab at the chain ladder.

And back to the SLIIIIIDE!

There were lots more kids, but somehow in the midst of chasing my own and feeding him lunch, I failed to photograph them. Sorry guys! We had tons of fun in the cool Fall weather with friends. Looking forward to the next!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

19 months (a little late)

Dear Egan,
You are now 19 months old and you are one fun kid. You have had quite an eventful month! You took your first trip to New York City! I was there working and you came with daddy to visit for 5 days. We had so much fun showing you one of our favorite places in the world. You did great on the plane, and did great sleeping in the hotel.
We were so glad to get home and back to normal life. In fact, our first week home was Halloween week so there were a lot of festivities. You dressed as a pirate and dog and had lots of fun. You haven't quite figured out candy, but one kind you do love are lolly pops. I had to hide them.
You are talking like crazy, and I'm afraid my once silent car rides will never again be that way. You are constantly saying something. Your current favorites are "I did it!", "car", "Go, go, go!", "bike", "eat", "wa-wa" (water), and the list goes on and on.
You prefer to say "No" to almost everything, even when it is something you want. You don't just say a simple "no" though, it is a "NO" like I'm forcing you to eat the worst thing in the world. You even cover your face and turn away. I'm not sure why.
The Rangers were in the World Series. You got to watch them on tv, and hence you learned a lot about baseball. You now pick up balls and as you throw them say "baseball!" You also know what football is when you see that on tv as well.
You know the animal sounds for more animals than I can name. I think animals are your favorite things right now which I think is fun. You've started learning some shapes and colors, and I've started getting play dough out sometimes, but I've yet to convince you that it is fun. You also like to color sometimes. Your favorite things to draw are "Circles". At least that is what you say they are. It could still be too early to call it, but I think you are going to be left handed like both daddy and I! How fun would that be?
Egan, you are growing and changing daily and are such a blast to play with, teach, and talk to! You make me laugh, think, and even stress at times, but I wouldn't change a thing. Daddy and I love you more than I will ever be able to adequately express in words.
love, mom

Here are some pictures of Egan coloring the other day.



Thursday, November 4, 2010

This. picture. needs. a. caption.

Because oh my goodness, I laughed for several minutes when I saw it. So, please, leave me a comment with your caption/title. If I've never heard from you, Welcome!, even better!

If you don't know how to comment, here's how. Click where it says "__ Comments" and at the bottom of the page, type your caption. Where it says "comment as ______", choose any of the options where you have a profile. If none of them fit you, then choose anonymous and type your name in the comment so I know who you are. If all else fails, email me!
I want to hear all your funny ideas so that I can appropriately caption this picture in our photo book!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ready to walk the plank (Fall festivities part 2)

Continuing on with our fun, the playgroup went to the local "Lil Punkins Fall Festival" on Friday. We were lucky enough to have Blake joining us since it was on a Friday!
Egan started the fun out with the animals. He loves animals, and these were no exception. He loved the goat.

And was super sweet with the little puppy.

Oh, and the bounce house. Egan loves bounce houses.

Here he is with Hudson, the monkey.

Oh, and I should mention that Egan was dressed as a puppy for these festivities. It might be hard to tell because he didn't want to keep the head on.

Piper, the cat, also loved the bounce house.

Preston was one cute superman.


He also loved the bounce house.

I wanted to get a good picture of Egan in his costume. He would have none of that.

This is the best I could do, but he still refused to wear the hood. Oh well.

Next, we thought we'd give Egan a shot in the rolling cart things. If you look closely, you can tell he's saying "Woah!" in this picture. Blake was sliding him across the floor and Egan LOVED it.



Egan also had fun throwing the balls into the holes (see the green one?)

I'm not sure what he was doing here. He got tangled in the spider webs shortly after this picture.

In the interest of getting through the last of the Halloween happenings, I'm going to go ahead and share a few final pictures from Halloween. We didn't really go "trick or treating", but we did go visit our neighbors and then hung out with some friends for the evening. Because of that, our pirate made a final appearance.

Melt my heart. That kid is cute. (This is my blog and my thoughts, so I don't feel bad saying it... haha.)

"arrrrrr matey!"

Till next year! (or in our case the pirate will still be making several appearances each week since the "costume" is pajamas. Hello thrifty!)