Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday... one week ago. Still playing catch up.

Trying to wrap up these NYC photos so that I can move on to some of our fun Fall activities!
I was done working on Friday, so we got to hang out Friday evening for dinner with friends and also some other fun things. Saturday morning we went to Central park to see some other friends (Hi, Steve, Becky and Maelee!) and let Egan play. Before we could meet them, Egan heard the music coming from the carousel (that he had ridden with Blake a few days earlier). I'm not sure what kind of subliminal message plays in that music, but he was pulling Blake toward it, and it wasn't even in sight yet! We figured we had time to let him go for a quick ride, so on we went.


Although Egan wanted to ride, he was still scared of the horses. I picked one that didn't go up and down thinking that might help. It did a little bit, but he was still very clingy, and as you can see in the pictures, he wasn't really on the horse at all.


That's ok. We enjoyed it.
Here's Egan after the ride.

And here are a few more that didn't make the Christmas card. How cool is this bench?!?



It is the same playground that Egan and Blake went to earlier in the week, but Egan didn't care. He had a blast "Sliiiiiding!" (That is one of his favorite words these days.)
I think he is saying "Woah!" in this picture.

Waving to mom. "Look at me!"

Becky and Maelee at the park.

Egan explored every inch of the park.

The swings.

and a really cool stone slide!

When those things get old, there is always dad to provide some fun.


Phew! Such a fun morning with friends in Central Park. I don't think there is a place I'd rather be on a cool Fall morning!
After a nap for Egan (and maybe a quick one for me as well,) we went out for some more fun. Our first stop was Toys R Us in Times Square.

What kind of tourists would we be if we didn't take a picture here?


Next stop... Chinatown. Here's Egan on the subway. He took his game very seriously.

We went to our favorite little Malaysian place. I'd already gone once before Blake and Egan came and got my standard dish, so I was planning to branch out this time. I failed, but the food did not disappoint. It was SO good.


Such a fun end to an even more fun day!

Oh, and I forgot this... we picked up this bag for Egan as we were leaving Central Park. It is his new library book bag. We handed it to him after we paid for it and I've never seen such a happy kid. He pointed to each owl and said "Owl! Hoo!" over and over. Seeing his face made the purchase worth it. I think it is pretty cute, my self.

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