Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dear Egan,
You are getting so big! You are saying new words everyday and running around the house like crazy. You are so fun and so sweet and each day is a new and exciting adventure. I love being your mom.
You have been such a trooper this last week as I've been out of town and friends and grandparents have pitched in to watch you. This is the longest we've been apart and I think it's been harder on me than on you. It's been fun to hear all the fun things you've done with daddy. You two make a great team.
Some other fun things we've done this month...
The Fall weather has been beautiful. We've made lots of trips to the park. Your favorite thing at any park is the slide. You constantly run up the stairs, to the slide, down the slide, and repeat.
Animals are your favorite thing to talk about. You know lots of animal sounds and can name quite a few as well. Any time you see an animal you know or think you know, you point and say it's name. It would only be fitting that owls are your favorite, right? We have a bunch of those in your room.
Later this month you will be taking your first airplane flight. I'm excited to share a fun vacation with you. I'll wait to share more about your trip till next month, your 19 month letter.
Egan, we love you and enjoy watching you grow and change each day!
love, mom

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