Thursday, September 30, 2010

my low budget gallery.

We've now lived in our house for just over a year. I thought it was about time that I hung some pictures in our hall. The problem was that we now have a lot more hall wall space than we've ever had, so I needed more frames, and I needed them on the cheap. Off we went to some thrift shops to pick up over a dozen frames. I wanted them all to match, but didn't have the time to look for only black frames, so I got frames that I liked the shape or style, but didn't worry about the color. See?

Like this lovely GOLD frame from the 80s. I'm fine if you happen to like this frame, but it doesn't fit into the decor of my home, so black is the new gold.

Step one, empty the frame of all glass, mats, random photos, children's artwork, or anything else you find in your frame. Dust the frame. Cover floor of open garage with assorted newspapers from the previous days.
Then, spray it with a nice coat of this...

Primer. Mine happened to be white. My only other option was a rust color and I wanted the contrast with black so that I could see where I missed.

I let it dry for a while and then sprayed them with the black.

It took two coats of the FLAT black paint and even then I found a few spots that I had to correct before reassembling the frames. Check them carefully before proceeding.

Another necessity, at least in my part of the country, is this...

And even with a heavy coating of OFF! familycare©, I got more than 15 bites. I don't know how that happens.
While I let the paint dry overnight, I thoroughly cleaned all the glass and set them out to dry as well.
Finally, I assembled all the frames and set out to figure out the arrangement that would fit the wall. I laid it out on the floor and set out to duplicate it on the wall. Blake was a trooper and humored all my crazy antics when it comes to pictures. Egan was a trooper as well. He slept through my late night hammering without a peep. See finished project...

I say finished, but what I really mean is "almost finished". If you look closely, you will see two empty frames. I hadn't planned on hanging them, but I needed some small ones to fill in holes. oops!
I have 1/2 of my hall still to go. Those pictures are framed and have been arranged (and photographed so I can get them back in the same order), but I haven't gotten them hung yet. Soon.

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  1. Don't know why I'm just getting around to viewing this post, but it is FANTASTIC! This is what I wanted to do with some of my black frames in the living and dining room but I lack the skeelz to pull it all off! This looks AWESOME, Miss Crafty!