Saturday, September 11, 2010

17 months


Dear Egan,
You are now 17 months old and you are so much fun these days. Fun and full of energy. We have had a busy but good month, and you are up to all sorts of new stuff.
You've begun talking more. Some things you say are understandable while others are still gibberish. If I really listen though, I can usually figure out what you are trying to say. You still do a lot of communicating through sign language which is fine and sweet. I'm just glad we have a way to communicate. Some of your current favorite words are apple, go, car, dog, cracker, yogurt, mmmmm..., yep, no, Maggie, Bo, dada, and finally... mama. You still don't say it often, but I now know you can! I think you are just being a little stinker because you know I want you to say it. You have also gained quite the sense of humor! The other day, you were eating some cantaloupe. I was trying to teach you to say "melon" by emphasizing the syllables. You kept saying "apple", but finally you said "MMMMMapple!" You thought that was so funny, and so did I.
You love giving us kisses, high fives, and fist pounds. You also love to dance to music. Yo Gabba Gabba is still your favorite show. It has lots of cute music for you to dance to.
We like to play chase around the house and you also love to wrestle in the floor. You think you are so strong because when you push on daddy, he falls over, and when you pull up on his shirt, he sits up. That is such a fun game. You also like to play with the dogs. You know which toys are the dog's and love to throw them. You also love to throw balls and you have quite the arm on you.
It's been a bit of a rough month as far as sleep goes. You've officially dropped from two naps two one and it was a tough transition. You wouldn't sleep long enough to only take one nap, but wouldn't sleep for two naps most days. I think we have finally made it work though and you are now napping around two hours for your one nap. As far as eating goes, you are still doing good. You love fruits and veggies and like some meats. The biggest change as far as meal time goes is that we've stopped using your tray on your highchair. We just push you up to the table now. You think you are such a big boy now.
You've got some new teeth coming in. These are the first new teeth in a while and boy are they a pain! They are making you pretty grumpy. We're getting through it though.
You take a fall at least once a day. Most of the time it happens because you are running too fast and not paying attention. That has resulted in quite a few bumps, bruises, and cuts this month. I am learning what it means to be the mom of a fearless boy! Speaking of fearless, you are now climbing to the top of the playground areas and going down slides all by yourself feet first on your tummy. This month has been an adventure for sure!
Egan, you are loved more than words can express. I can only wonder what tomorrow will hold!

Here are a few new Egan pictures I took earlier this week while we were visiting my parents.
The remnants of the hurricane came through and it was pouring rain for several days. There was finally a break, and that was when these pictures were taken. The light was divine! I had planned to get some little rain boots to put on Egan, but he would have none of that, so bare feet it is!
Now, on to the many pictures. I just can't resist.










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