Thursday, August 12, 2010

some nice cell phone pictures to serve as an update.

Last week, we went on a date. I mentioned this before, but check out this yummy food. Fondue!

photo 1-1.JPG

and our yummy desert.
photo 3-1.JPG

We are a lively bunch for sure.
On a totally unrelated note, Egan has decided in the last week that he despises baths. "Despise" as in totally freaks out and clings to either Blake or me for dear life. I've never seen him like this before. Tonight, I thought we'd put our new very large sink to use as Egan's very own tub. He was a bit edgy at first but ended the bath as his normal self having fun! I won't say that the bath situation is "fixed", but I think it is much better.


Things we've done that don't have pictures...
Today, the playgroup went to a "tot" gym time at a local recreation center. To say Egan loved it would be the understatement of the century. I forgot my camera, but I don't even have cell phone picture because I spent the entire time chasing a 1 year old. He jumped in the bounce house like a pro, chased and threw balls, rolled around on the little gym carts, climbed the mat stuff, and just ran like a crazy man. It was the best $1 I've spent in a long time.
Oh, and Egan got his first photo ID. It's for the rec center. Major milestone!
Tonight, we went to "Sweet Tomatoes" for dinner. We had a coupon plus kids under 2 eat free. SCORE! We've never taken Egan to a place like this, but it turns out it is right up his ally. He ate lots of his "salad" including pieces of spinach dipped in Ranch. We've not done a lot of the dipping here at home, but once Egan figured it out, he was a huge fan. Proof he is my son, as Blake doesn't care for Ranch or any other salad dressing. He also loved the creamy chicken pasta we gave him, another first. We've never given him an alfredo type sauce. After he'd eaten all his meal, we offered some fruit to him. No way he could pass that up, right? Then, we gave him some desert of apple crisp and a bit of ice cream. LOVED IT! He was also being quite the ham smiling and waving at the ladies sitting near us. They thought he was "the cutest little guy they'd ever seen." The highway patrol men were less impressed, but he tried hard! He'd smile, wave, fail to get their attention, beat the table, smile, wave, repeat...
Needless to say, we are having lots of fun these days. Egan is growing up so fast!
(PS- the "F" key is a bit sticky on the keyboard, please forgive typos.)

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