Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One year ago...

It was one year ago today that we became homeowners. Woah. We love our little house. There have been fun/crazy times living in a 55 year old house. You know, like the time the heater went out, and we couldn't get it fixed for a long time. There have also been instances of minor leaks and a dishwasher that didn't wash, but we love it here.
Here is what I wrote one year ago today.
It's been fun!
Added later: When we got home tonight, our house was 85 degrees. We keep our house fairly warm this time of year, but that was pretty extreme for us. It was past bedtime for Egan, and I was so worried that our a/c was broken. It was running, but how could it be 85 degrees in the house if it was working properly. We had been gone for 3 hours, and it was fine when we left. I looked in the closet where the air conditioner is located and the two blinking lights showed it was "working properly". I finally noticed that our living room fan was off, but the light on it was on. Our fan works on a remote mounted to the wall, but also has a switch on the wall that turns the whole thing on or off. When you turn the switch on, the fan stays off, but the light turns on. That is how it was when we got home. We never turn that fan off, so I knew something wasn't right. That was when it clicked. Our electricity must have gone out. The only indicator we have would be the oven clock. Sure enough. It was blinking. I have never been so relieved to see a blinking clock! My next thought was, how long has the electricity been out for our house to rise in temperature so much? Our best guess was that it had been off for over 2 hours by what the oven clock said. I'm glad we weren't home and trying to cook dinner! Happy one year, house! (PS- it's midnight, so if this rambling doesn't make sense, sorry!)

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