Thursday, August 26, 2010

hanging with egan 2, and his father's son

Here's another afternoon with Egan. (Excuse the extreme mess. It is impossible to keep clean with the Egster running around.)
We've instituted what I like to call the "box system" here with Egan's toys. One afternoon I took all Egan's toys and every small box and basket I could find in the house and sorted all his toys into them. I then bring out a box a day for him to play with. It is working brilliantly! Anyway, this basket had all sorts of puppets and blocks and balls, and anything else a little boy could love.

This afternoon, Egan was trying to figure out the finger puppets.

This "toy" wasn't in the box, but he still loves it.

It is my iPhone.
See the joy?

I'd say the box system is working beautifully for us!

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