Sunday, August 8, 2010

16 months

Dear Egan,
You are now 16 months old and becoming quite the little boy. You are so fun, and I love that you are starting to understand jokes and games. With that, you have also developed quite the hard head. I'll be honest, kiddo, that isn't the most fun thing in the world, but hopefully we can love you in a way that will help that drive to develop in a positive way where you learn to love others and not just yourself.
Some other firsts this month include lots of words. They don't all sound like the word you are trying to say, but I'm understanding more of what you are asking. Two new words include "cracker" and "yogurt". Of all the words you say, you still don't say "mama". You little stinker! Along with new words, you are using your sign language more to communicate with us. It is so sweet when you bring me what you want and sign "more" or "please".
We've begun giving you a plate with a fork and spoon at mealtime. It isn't something that you have mastered, but you are working on it. You do ok if we put the food on the fork for you, but you haven't quite figured out the stabbing yet.
Wrestling, oh, the wrestling you do with dad. That is your favorite part of him getting home. You two roll around on the floor and you push him around in some good old fashioned rough housing.
We took our first long car trip this last month to go to a wedding. The car part of the trip was a total failure, but it was fun when we weren't in the car! I think we will be waiting a while before we attempt that again.
By no means am I surprised by this, but you are a total gadget guy. Phones, computers, remote controls, tv, ipad... You name it, you want to get your hands on it. I still limit these things, as I'm sure I will have to continue to do forever. It is fun, though, to see you explore and learn new things!
For the most part, we don't have any trouble getting you to eat, but when you don't like something, you are sure to let us know. Dad started a new tradition with you last week. You two went to get donuts and kolaches one morning as a sort of special date together. I have a feeling you will look forward to that in the weeks and years to come!
Egan, we love you and enjoy all the new things we get to do with you.
Looking forward to the coming days with you.
mom and dad

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