Thursday, August 26, 2010

hanging with egan 2, and his father's son

Here's another afternoon with Egan. (Excuse the extreme mess. It is impossible to keep clean with the Egster running around.)
We've instituted what I like to call the "box system" here with Egan's toys. One afternoon I took all Egan's toys and every small box and basket I could find in the house and sorted all his toys into them. I then bring out a box a day for him to play with. It is working brilliantly! Anyway, this basket had all sorts of puppets and blocks and balls, and anything else a little boy could love.

This afternoon, Egan was trying to figure out the finger puppets.

This "toy" wasn't in the box, but he still loves it.

It is my iPhone.
See the joy?

I'd say the box system is working beautifully for us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hanging with egan and his friend, doug.

Here are some pictures from earlier this week with Egan, but first, meet Doug the dog.

He's one of three items Egan likes to have in bed with him. (The other two being Jeremiah the frog blanket, and his other little blanket he sleeps under.)
Doug and Egan are good buddies.

In this house, we also like cars...

and trikes!


Until today, the weather has been so hot. Over 100 degrees kind of hot, so one afternoon Egan and I had popsicles. He wasn't too sure at first.

But he decided he loved it! (Notice the orange lips? That's from my orange popsicle.)



That's a day at home with mommy and Egan!

Monday, August 16, 2010

the big race

Recently, Blake has been training to run a race. That race was yesterday. Egan and I didn't make it for the start of the race, but we made it to see Blake cross the finish line! I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there, park, and walk to the finish line, so we left as early as we could, and actually arrived much earlier than expected! That meant, though, that I had a lot of entertaining to do while we waited. Here are some pictures of Egan I took during that hour and a half. He was such a trooper.
For a while, he just watched runners finish the 10K race. Then, he played with my iPhone, and made sweet faces at me.

This is how both Egan and I felt about the iPhone. See the light shining from behind? The iPhone saved the day.

When that got old, I got out the banana. You can see here how Egan felt about the banana. (This is the new cheesy smile. perfect.)

He happily ate the whole thing.

After a little more waiting, we finally saw daddy off in the distance about to round the corner.

Here he is in the home stretch! He is wearing gray and in the back of the first pictures.

He gets closer...

and closer...

Has the finish line in sight.

He made it!

Just after this, Egan and I rushed off to find a super tired Blake.

Here he is! After 13.1 miles in the August Texas heat. It had to be over 90 degrees by this point. HOT!

Blake, we are so proud of all the work you did to get to this point, and everything you went through during this long race. Great job!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

some nice cell phone pictures to serve as an update.

Last week, we went on a date. I mentioned this before, but check out this yummy food. Fondue!

photo 1-1.JPG

and our yummy desert.
photo 3-1.JPG

We are a lively bunch for sure.
On a totally unrelated note, Egan has decided in the last week that he despises baths. "Despise" as in totally freaks out and clings to either Blake or me for dear life. I've never seen him like this before. Tonight, I thought we'd put our new very large sink to use as Egan's very own tub. He was a bit edgy at first but ended the bath as his normal self having fun! I won't say that the bath situation is "fixed", but I think it is much better.


Things we've done that don't have pictures...
Today, the playgroup went to a "tot" gym time at a local recreation center. To say Egan loved it would be the understatement of the century. I forgot my camera, but I don't even have cell phone picture because I spent the entire time chasing a 1 year old. He jumped in the bounce house like a pro, chased and threw balls, rolled around on the little gym carts, climbed the mat stuff, and just ran like a crazy man. It was the best $1 I've spent in a long time.
Oh, and Egan got his first photo ID. It's for the rec center. Major milestone!
Tonight, we went to "Sweet Tomatoes" for dinner. We had a coupon plus kids under 2 eat free. SCORE! We've never taken Egan to a place like this, but it turns out it is right up his ally. He ate lots of his "salad" including pieces of spinach dipped in Ranch. We've not done a lot of the dipping here at home, but once Egan figured it out, he was a huge fan. Proof he is my son, as Blake doesn't care for Ranch or any other salad dressing. He also loved the creamy chicken pasta we gave him, another first. We've never given him an alfredo type sauce. After he'd eaten all his meal, we offered some fruit to him. No way he could pass that up, right? Then, we gave him some desert of apple crisp and a bit of ice cream. LOVED IT! He was also being quite the ham smiling and waving at the ladies sitting near us. They thought he was "the cutest little guy they'd ever seen." The highway patrol men were less impressed, but he tried hard! He'd smile, wave, fail to get their attention, beat the table, smile, wave, repeat...
Needless to say, we are having lots of fun these days. Egan is growing up so fast!
(PS- the "F" key is a bit sticky on the keyboard, please forgive typos.)

Monday, August 9, 2010

6 years with my love.

I'm a bit late on this, but I'm going to post it anyway. Saturday, the 7th was our 6th (6th!) wedding anniversary! It is crazy how fast time flies. (Here is what I wrote last year.)
We were able to go out Friday night for a night out on the town. (Thanks Jennifer!) We went to a fondue restaurant which was awesome, then we went for coffee/desert at a place where we could get some good people watching in. Let me tell you, the people watching was AWESOME! There were plenty of fun stories we made up for all of them.
On Saturday, we just had a fun family day at home. I cooked dinner and Egan threw the fit of the century when I gave him some stir fry. It wasn't pretty, but Blake and I both had a good laugh. Last year, when we bought our new dented fridge on our anniversary, I was hoping that didn't mean we would have a "dented" year. I'm happy to report that I wouldn't describe it that way... in case you were wondering. I'm also hoping that the screaming incident isn't a marker for our upcoming year, though I think it could be with Egan entering the two year mark. I don't think you will have to wait till next year to see if I'm right there.

These 6 years have been awesome, and have gone by faster than I ever could have imagined. I love you and I'm looking forward to the next year spent with you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

16 months

Dear Egan,
You are now 16 months old and becoming quite the little boy. You are so fun, and I love that you are starting to understand jokes and games. With that, you have also developed quite the hard head. I'll be honest, kiddo, that isn't the most fun thing in the world, but hopefully we can love you in a way that will help that drive to develop in a positive way where you learn to love others and not just yourself.
Some other firsts this month include lots of words. They don't all sound like the word you are trying to say, but I'm understanding more of what you are asking. Two new words include "cracker" and "yogurt". Of all the words you say, you still don't say "mama". You little stinker! Along with new words, you are using your sign language more to communicate with us. It is so sweet when you bring me what you want and sign "more" or "please".
We've begun giving you a plate with a fork and spoon at mealtime. It isn't something that you have mastered, but you are working on it. You do ok if we put the food on the fork for you, but you haven't quite figured out the stabbing yet.
Wrestling, oh, the wrestling you do with dad. That is your favorite part of him getting home. You two roll around on the floor and you push him around in some good old fashioned rough housing.
We took our first long car trip this last month to go to a wedding. The car part of the trip was a total failure, but it was fun when we weren't in the car! I think we will be waiting a while before we attempt that again.
By no means am I surprised by this, but you are a total gadget guy. Phones, computers, remote controls, tv, ipad... You name it, you want to get your hands on it. I still limit these things, as I'm sure I will have to continue to do forever. It is fun, though, to see you explore and learn new things!
For the most part, we don't have any trouble getting you to eat, but when you don't like something, you are sure to let us know. Dad started a new tradition with you last week. You two went to get donuts and kolaches one morning as a sort of special date together. I have a feeling you will look forward to that in the weeks and years to come!
Egan, we love you and enjoy all the new things we get to do with you.
Looking forward to the coming days with you.
mom and dad

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One year ago...

It was one year ago today that we became homeowners. Woah. We love our little house. There have been fun/crazy times living in a 55 year old house. You know, like the time the heater went out, and we couldn't get it fixed for a long time. There have also been instances of minor leaks and a dishwasher that didn't wash, but we love it here.
Here is what I wrote one year ago today.
It's been fun!
Added later: When we got home tonight, our house was 85 degrees. We keep our house fairly warm this time of year, but that was pretty extreme for us. It was past bedtime for Egan, and I was so worried that our a/c was broken. It was running, but how could it be 85 degrees in the house if it was working properly. We had been gone for 3 hours, and it was fine when we left. I looked in the closet where the air conditioner is located and the two blinking lights showed it was "working properly". I finally noticed that our living room fan was off, but the light on it was on. Our fan works on a remote mounted to the wall, but also has a switch on the wall that turns the whole thing on or off. When you turn the switch on, the fan stays off, but the light turns on. That is how it was when we got home. We never turn that fan off, so I knew something wasn't right. That was when it clicked. Our electricity must have gone out. The only indicator we have would be the oven clock. Sure enough. It was blinking. I have never been so relieved to see a blinking clock! My next thought was, how long has the electricity been out for our house to rise in temperature so much? Our best guess was that it had been off for over 2 hours by what the oven clock said. I'm glad we weren't home and trying to cook dinner! Happy one year, house! (PS- it's midnight, so if this rambling doesn't make sense, sorry!)