Wednesday, July 28, 2010

uh, overwhelmed

Alright friends, I'm in need of some help here. Remember that kitchen remodel we've been working on? Well, we are still working on it. I've been trying to pick a backsplash for a while, and still haven't succeeded. I've done ok picking everything else; cabinets, wall color, counter top, sink, faucet, handles, etc. There might have been a bit of waffling here and there, but overall decisions were made, and I feel good about them. The backsplash is a different story.
(Sidenote, it is currently 9:08pm and Egan has been in bed for 1.5 hrs. I still hear him making noise from time to time. Who is this kid? Mine never does that!)
Anyway, here is where YOU come in to play. Help me find a backsplash. Here is the last post I did about the kitchen. Those final pictures were taken in the daylight so it is a little easier to see than the ones I took tonight. When I took those pictures, we didn't have the handles yet so here are some pictures I took tonight. The lighting is a bit off because the undercabinet lights are fluorescent and the ceiling light is from a regular bulb. Please excuse the color cast.




I know I want a backsplash that has a semi modern feel to it, and with such long handles I want something that is simple and subtle. Our granite has some plum colored accents in it, and I'm going to get a plum colored pendant light to go above the sink, so I don't really want any other color coming from the backsplash. Oh, and let's just throw out there that we are on a budget although, I don't really like ceramic tile, the most economical choice. Let's not go crazy on price, just coolness!
Help a girl out!


  1. I love the kitchen! We had almost the exact same colors in our old kitchen, and I wish we had done slate again in this house... it's so pretty!

    Since the floors and cabinets are dark, I'd suggest travertine for the backsplash. We went with slate in the past and even with light counters it was too dark. I like how the lighter stone blends a bit with light granite. Travertine is still modern (you can get any size tiles) and it's not that expensive. If you go to Floor & Decor they have a lot to choose from. Just my two cents :-)

    It's looking fabulous!

  2. Whitney, your kitchen is looking amazing! I like the slate with the chocolate counters and silver handles :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I really like those little glass tile backsplashes, but I have NO clue how much they cost. They come in some nice muted tones as to not bring in too much color. Because they're small I think they blend nicely and don't make it too busy. But I am no decorator, so good luck!

  4. So pretty! I'm in love with your fridge. I think the key to tile backsplashes is to not go with a regular 3 x 3 square tile. The teensy 1x1 squares, or even the bigger 3 x 5 subway tiles look way better. I've even seen some that are like 1 x 8 that are fantastic. I think that the key is, whatever you get, DON'T get white grout! It never stays white and just ends up looking dirty and dingy. I'd get maybe a dark gray to coordinate with the granite, and then the tile in shades of gray with a few plummy taupes mixed in here and there.