Saturday, July 31, 2010

had to share an addition

I just got these cute pictures of Egan to add to my post from the other day with the playgroup. Check out this cute sliding sequence.
pumpitup3 (1).jpg

14 months 074 (2).jpg

14 months 075.jpg

14 months 076 (2).jpg

14 months 077.jpg

How cute?!? I don't know where he learned to slide backwards, but that is how he does it! I personally never would have thought of that method. I'd been working to help him slide on his bottom.
I should remind you that Egan climbed to the top of the inflatable slide on his own, turned around, and slid down on his own. I'm so proud of that sweet boy!

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  1. My Bubba slides like that too, despite my best efforts to get him to go down the slide on his bottom. They're clever little things, aren't they?