Saturday, July 31, 2010

had to share an addition

I just got these cute pictures of Egan to add to my post from the other day with the playgroup. Check out this cute sliding sequence.
pumpitup3 (1).jpg

14 months 074 (2).jpg

14 months 075.jpg

14 months 076 (2).jpg

14 months 077.jpg

How cute?!? I don't know where he learned to slide backwards, but that is how he does it! I personally never would have thought of that method. I'd been working to help him slide on his bottom.
I should remind you that Egan climbed to the top of the inflatable slide on his own, turned around, and slid down on his own. I'm so proud of that sweet boy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

uh, overwhelmed

Alright friends, I'm in need of some help here. Remember that kitchen remodel we've been working on? Well, we are still working on it. I've been trying to pick a backsplash for a while, and still haven't succeeded. I've done ok picking everything else; cabinets, wall color, counter top, sink, faucet, handles, etc. There might have been a bit of waffling here and there, but overall decisions were made, and I feel good about them. The backsplash is a different story.
(Sidenote, it is currently 9:08pm and Egan has been in bed for 1.5 hrs. I still hear him making noise from time to time. Who is this kid? Mine never does that!)
Anyway, here is where YOU come in to play. Help me find a backsplash. Here is the last post I did about the kitchen. Those final pictures were taken in the daylight so it is a little easier to see than the ones I took tonight. When I took those pictures, we didn't have the handles yet so here are some pictures I took tonight. The lighting is a bit off because the undercabinet lights are fluorescent and the ceiling light is from a regular bulb. Please excuse the color cast.




I know I want a backsplash that has a semi modern feel to it, and with such long handles I want something that is simple and subtle. Our granite has some plum colored accents in it, and I'm going to get a plum colored pendant light to go above the sink, so I don't really want any other color coming from the backsplash. Oh, and let's just throw out there that we are on a budget although, I don't really like ceramic tile, the most economical choice. Let's not go crazy on price, just coolness!
Help a girl out!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more fun with the playgroup

Our playbroup has been looking for some indoor options this summer since it is so hot here in Texas. The most recent was "Pump It Up Jr." The kids loved it. Well, most of the kids loved it. It wasn't a shock that Egan was one that loved it. Sweet Mia on the other hand was not such a fan.
I forgot my camera, but it turns out that I was chasing Egan the whole time anyway. The kid is fearless!
Here are a few pictures Jennifer shared with me.
Egan climbed up the inflatable slide and slid down all by himself!

The first few times I helped him up, but because it seemed like he had it down, I let him try it out on his own. He did awesome!
Here's a group shot. We knew there was no way we could get the kids to all sit together, so even though we were all sweaty from chasing kids, we were in the picture too.

Kids from the left front: Jake, Zane and Jack. Back row: Marshall, Egan, Mia, Camryn and Piper.
Once again we had so much fun with these sweet mommies and babies! I don't know what we would do without them!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time for a little catch up

First, and update on "Project Kitchen"...
Under cabinet lights... check.

And, I love them. Our kitchen was so dark before. These lights make all the difference in the world. Here's a picture of the lights after installation. There are also lights on top of the cabinets.
photo 3.jpg

We installed the all important child locks last night. Egan discovered them first thing this morning. We're just about done installing all the cabinet pulls. Three more drawers to go.
Last weekend, Egan and I went with my parents and brother out west to my cousin's wedding. Blake had to stay home because he had to work. This trip proved that Egan is not ready for long car trips.
He did a lot of screaming and some of this...
photo 5 (1).jpg

Yes, staring at this... (excuse the iPhone pictures)
photo 1.jpg

That would be my dad's iPad in what normally holds a mirror so we can see what he is up to from the front seat. He thought the iPad was pretty awesome.
Here's a fun stop... anyone know where this is?
photo 4.jpg

Or ever seen one of these?
photo 5.jpg

Ah, sweet nectar. That is a Dublin Dr Pepper. What's that, you ask? Find more here or try the wikipedia page, now that's big time!
Back to the real point of our trip... my cousin's wedding! I was so bummed that I didn't get more pictures. I guess that is what happens when you have a one year old along for the ride. Here are the pictures I got of the groom.


Sigh. Sorry, family, I failed on that one!
Here's why.
Egan decided not to take a nap for TWO days. He turns into quite the bear after no naps for so long. I chased him around the "cry room" during the wedding trying to keep him quiet, and finally got him to sit in his stroller to go to the reception. Notice he's shed one shoe and his "fancy" shirt (hanging off the top of the stroller).

Also notice what he has in his hands. That'd be my iphone playing some Yo Gabba Gabba, his favorite show.
Shortly after that, I gave him some gronola bar (see it in his hand?) and this happened...

The poor guy fell asleep while sitting up and eating.

Sweet boy. As tired as he was, he still only slept for 20 minutes or so.

So, that's the update on the kitchen plus our sleepless wedding weekend all rolled into one.
In summary, lights = good, iPad on long trips = good, Dublin Dr Pepper = good, weddings = good, but napless one year old at a wedding = not the most fun thing in the world. That's ok. I'm still glad we went.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

one afternoon

One afternoon this week, I set out to get some new cute pictures of Egan. The kid is a "mover". I ended up going to get his chair so that I could keep him in the room. The chair didn't keep him from moving though. Here's what I got.


He's learned how to rock his chair. That is what he was doing here.


I think he was yelling just to make noise here.

I had moved the dining table out of the breakfast room so that I had a spot to take his picture. (Notice the new wall color? Now that it is no longer brown, the room is so much brighter!) Since there wasn't a lot in the room, there was an echo, and he figured that out quickly and had to test his voice.

Here's a serious one, but I couldn't resist that sweet quiet face. It didn't last long.

In fact, this was the next shot.


And lastly, the next two photos are of Egan blowing a sweet kiss.


That's my sweet boy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love a boy playing in the dirt.

Egan got a sandbox with some of the money he got for his birthday, but we just recently got sand to go in it. I wasn't sure how he would respond to the sand since he is pretty sensitive to new textures. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Oh, and yet again I failed at "editing down" the number of pictures. I would apologize, but I happen to think I have one of the cutest kids around. On with the pictures...
I believe he was saying "That!" He says it and points at everything these days.

Not quite ready to dive in yet., he's still checking out the sand from a distance.


Getting a bit more comfortable by throwing some sand around.

What kind of mom would I be if I didn't catch a cheesy grin? This is really the only one he flashed for me. He was too busy playing. Notice the lack of eye contact in the other pictures. That wasn't for lack of trying!


Check out the sand flying everywhere!

It was ALL in his hair.

All over his pants, legs, hands arms and shirt.

He didn't care though, cause it was so fun to throw!




Ah, the sand falling all down his face, so fun and so sweet.

What wasn't so fun and sweet was the bath that followed. Getting all the sand out of his hair was quite the chore. In fact, the remains of the sand are still in the bottom of the bath tub waiting to be cleaned up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wild animals

These pictures are long overdue and there are many of them in this post. I didn't have it in me tonight to edit them down to just a few, so I just posted all of them. If you make it to the end, congratulations!
We took this trip to the zoo on June 24 with the playgroup. It's true, I'm a bit behind. As usual, we had lots of fun! These moms and babies are a blast, and the kids all did really well, no nap and all!
Here we are at the entrance to the zoo.

First stop? The elephants.

Here's Egan with an elephant.

Here he is checking the elephant out.

Sweet Mia with an elephant.

All the kids with the elephants. We thought we should take a stab at the group picture before any meltdowns could happen.

Next up, the giraffes.

Egan liked the giraffes, and I thought it was super cool that they were so close!




Finally, Egan got eye to eye with the giraffe. He is so brave!

So brave that he also stood this close to lions. Have you heard him roar like a lion?

Although, I won't lie, as soon as the one in front of him stood up, he freaked out.

Marshall and Egan with the lions. Marshall looks a bit concerned.


The next close animal encounter was with a gorilla.

How cool is that?!?



Check out this bird. He's doing a fancy dance.

After the kids started getting antsy, we found a place to eat our lunches and took advantage of this cool stream to let all the kids cool off.

If you know Egan, you know the is saying "That!" in the following picture.



We had a fun time exploring the zoo with our friends, and can't wait till next time!