Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ahhh, yes. Summer.

Without a doubt, summer is here. The weatherman says that the end of the week holds triple digits. Excited? No, thank you.
I'm quite sure that the summer will hold quite a bit of this...

I'm not sure that Egan understands the point of the pool. I put water in it this morning, so by the time he got in this afternoon, it was warm. He just played with his toys and practiced his talking.

He's doing a lot of that these days.
Once he got tired of the pool, I let him play in the grass some.


It may not appear so in these pictures, but Egan has all but given up crawling these days. I noticed the sudden switch last week. He really only crawls now to get under tight spots or around something that appears tricky. It's hard to believe the crawling days are all but over and we are on to our second summer!

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