Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our little fish

Last week, Egan got to go swimming for the first time. He's been "swimming" in the back yard in the baby pool, and to splash parks to play in the sprinklers, but this was the first time in a real pool.
He did awesome! Here he is when he first got in with daddy. If you know Egan, you know he is pretty serious when it comes to new things. He likes to take it all in before letting you know if it is fun or not.

Here he is trying out his new floaty. Still serious.

Mom finally got in... still pretty serious.

I must say, he really did have fun. We splashed and dipped our faces in the water. We even worked on blowing bubbles. He hasn't quite mastered that, but he did pretty good, and I was so proud of him for trying. I was also proud of him for not shedding a tear or clinging to us for dear life. The only thing he didn't care for was when we worked with him to get him to float on his back. That wasn't too much fun.
After about 45 minutes in the big pool we moved over to the kiddy pool where we could let him roam on his own a bit after a quick picture with mom.



I'm pretty sure this is Egan babbling about something. He does a lot of that these days.

Jazz hands?

Now he decided that he'd had enough of just standing around, so here he is walking around.


He thought it was so fun to stick his hands in the water and then wave them up in the air.

See, fun! Finally!


Egan is quite the little fearless fish and we look forward to lots more fun this summer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

a splash park

Get ready for picture overload.
Egan made his first trip to a splash park with the playgroup. He totally loved it.
Check out our little sun sweetie surveying the scene.

He really watched the other kids to see what they were doing.

It didn't take him long to catch on.

I think these jets were his favorite. He could play in them without getting totally soaked.


Here are some kids from playgroup playing in the water.


Egan in his new hat. It's still a bit big, but he's decided he's ok with wearing it.




Sweet Mia all done for the day.


Marshall having out in the tall water jets. Both he and Egan had a blast!


We had such a fun day with our friends! We look forward to going back soon!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Days are fun being one year old. Mat rooms make them even more fun.
We climbed up the stairs.

Searched for balls.

And climbed up bouncy ramps.

All in the name of fun.
Any other little ones want to join in on the fun in the coming weeks? Let me know! I'll fill you in on the details!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

lessons in sharing

Oh, the snack cup. We love it in our house. It is this little handled cup with a plastic lid that Egan can stick his hand through and get the snacks. Genius, right? This day, Egan found a comfy spot on the floor to eat his snacks while Maggie looked on for any that are dropped.

She has learned to keep her distance from the hand with food and the cup itself. It is only fair game for her if it is on the floor. That goes for any sort of food Egan might have.


The snack cup is serious business to this kid, and I love that he has a friend to share them with.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In honor of Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I'd share this funny story from my dad who has recently done some work in rural China. There have been some pretty funny stories, but I thought this was too funny not to share.
Thought you would enjoy some more stories from China. I think I figured out why the pay is good. Its not to put up with the bad food, days on end without sleep, living in a box, or having to deal with the local workers. It's the BUGS. When you have no real winter and miles of rice patties for breeding grounds the bugs do pretty well here. It started with the mosquitos which I thought I could deal with. They're not much different than home, just 20 times more of them. Then the midges came along and have to be the worst I've dealt with. They're like flying chiggers in that you don't see them (they call them "no-see-ums) and when you've gotten into them, its too late. I've learned not to go out without long sleeves and my DEET Cologne. I think its a pretty good day now if I don't get bit more than 5 or 6 times. Now the moths are in full bloom and because we are working around the clock, we have lights that shine extremely bright and draws the moths to us from 10 miles. They don't bite, but they can annoy the dickens out of you and you have to dust them off when you come inside. There are now dead or dying moths stuck to anything with moisture or oil on it. On top of that, there are now stacks of dead moths under each light by the millions and their decaying bodies smell like a cross between a dead cow in the pasture and a carp on the beach.

And just when you thought it was safe to go out, along comes the biggest and strongest bug in the world. I don't know what they call it, but it makes a large cockroach look small. When you go 5 days without REM sleep, you start to do some crazy things. To prove my theory of how strong this bug can be, I did my Mythbusters experiment, which only the photos below can explain. Its hard to get a feel for the size of the rock so I held it in my hand for reference. More pictures and stories later on.

The rock.

The bug. I'm not sure how he tied the string to it. I sure wouldn't get close enough to do that!

The moths. Disgusting!

More moths on the equipment.

Because I'm on the subject of interesting things from China, here are a few other things he has shared in the past few months.
While he's there, he lives and works "on location", so all his food is brought to him in containers like these.

I think the cooks are trying to cater to the fact that he is American, so they try to cook him things that Americans like. Aren't beans and popcorn a staple in your diet?

This is a deli where the locals like to hang out.

Here's the day's catch hanging on the wall of the deli.

A chinese stroller.
Chinese baby Stroller.jpg

A scenic shot of the nearby village. I believe the yellow fields are canola fields. (Dad?)

These were taken in the village.
20100605 Don Relaxing Sat Night.JPG

Nice hat, huh?

Thanks dad for sharing your stories from a faraway land! Happy Father's day to all the dads in our life. We are beyond blessed!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kind of a Mess

"Blake, why don't you write a blog about it? You would be so much funnier writing about poop."

That was one of the last things said on Sunday night, the end of a very long weekend, that was only 48 hours. Between Egan, Maggie and Bo, we packed as much as possible into that time. This post is not for the faint of heart, or those squeamish around the talk of digestive waste. It is a tale, of woe, of comedy, and most of all, poop.

Picture an average Friday. I had just gotten done mowing the lawn, the weed eater still is broken, despite my several attempts to fix it, Egan had just gotten done with lunch, and we were all hanging out in the living room. I opened the computer to check my email, and all the sudden, there is a sadly familiar smell. I look down and see Egan, with his hands full of poop. "Egan, where did the poop come from?" I ask as I am scooping him up to clean his hands, and then the floor. *sigh

If that was the end of it, it would have made for a pretty boring, even average, weekend. But it only gets better. Egan goes down for a nap, something he is not particularly fond of. He threw quite the fit, and so after a while, Whitney went in to lay him back down. She screamed a little, and called me into the room. As I walked in to find out what the issue was I stepped onto a soaking wet rug 6 feet from his crib. That was when Whitney told me what had happened. Egan had managed to take off his diaper and had peed through the bars of the crib. I took him, put his diaper back on, and included some pants to add a bit of a challenge while Whitney cleaned up and put his bedding in the wash.

The next day didn't get much better. Right before we left to go run some errands I changed Egan's diaper and got him dressed. Bo took the opportunity to dig through the diaper and emptied it before I realized what happened. After the shock wore off, and I suppressed the urge to throw up, or use Whitney's toothbrush to clean his mouth, we left to run some errands.

We were greeted upon our return by Maggie bringing me a bit of trash. 10 seconds later, another scream by Whitney, and a dog running out of the kitchen, yielded a kitchen covered in trash and an empty trashbag. Like any caring husband, I left the trash to Whitney and I put the dogs in timeout (closed them in a bedroom so they could "think about what they've done".) They showed me.

When I let them out, I once again felt the becoming all too familiar sensation of urine under my feet. At this point, I've had enough bodily waste for one weekend, heck I've had enough for a month of weekends. Egan had one last trick up his...sleeve.

One Sunday, and 3 services later Whitney is making dinner, and I am giving Egan is weekly bath. He had one Wednesday and Friday too, but he had been sick and angry for those so this was his 1st bath that he had time to play in. Finishing the basic requirements for a bath, I let him play for a bit. That is until he stood up and started back with his new trick, peeing all over the place. I picked him up so he was aimed back into the tub, dried him up, dressed him up and passed him off to Whitney.

After he laid down, we sat down on the couch and laughed at the craziness of the weekend. Whitney said, "Blake, can we please just start over?" And, "Why don't you write a blog about it? You would be so much funnier writing about poop."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Egan's playmate

Egan had a friend over to play yesterday while her mom went to some appointments. They played so well together! I guess they are finally getting to the age where another kid is fun!
They had toys scattered all over the living room, but it was so fun!

Egan took an interest in my camera. Uh oh! All of a sudden, mom's camera looks pretty cool!

Playing with Egan's "computer" without any fighting.


Maggie even got in on the action. She was so good with the kids and all the toys.

...and back to mom's camera. I won't complain. Check out that sweet face!