Wednesday, May 12, 2010

parade fun

It's been a fun week! Last weekend, we went to a birthday party for Egan's friend, Preston. Preston had a parade for his birthday! Unfortunately, I failed to bring my camera to the party, so all these party pictures are from Jack's dad. Thanks Clint!
Here is Jack and Egan strolling in Jack's wagon. Check out all that party gear!

Check out that nose scrape. That happened in the driveway last week. Poor guy!

Neither Jack or Egan wanted to eat their lunch, so to contain them while we all ate, they got to play in the pool.

It was a ball pool, and Egan made it his mission to empty the pool of balls.


Then, Preston came over in his new car. I've never seen two little boys so enthralled over something in my life.

They were impressed to say the least.

Egan even got to take a turn in the cool red car.

Happy Birthday, Preston. Thanks for inviting us!

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